Should athletes use drugs

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Q: Should athletes use drugs
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What types of drugs do athletes use?

Should athletes take steroids or drugs? Never in there life should they take it. It is bad for you.

What drugs do athletes use?

medicine type drugs

Why should athletes take random drug testing?

Athletes should take random drug testing because if they use drugs, while playing a sport, it might be an advantage to that person.

Why athlete use drugs?

The athletes take drugs, to get sron and win gold nedals.

Why are athletes tested for drugs?

Because so many use drugs to enhance performance.

Should professional athletes be allowed to use steroids?

yes athletes should be allowed to use steriods

What happens to athletes who use drugs?

if they use steroids, they will most likely get kicked off the team.

How many student athletes do drugs?

Many of the chutiya atheletes use drugs..bcoz they wnt to cm to 26 industry..they have small enlarge it they use drugs...

What happens to athletes who take performance enhancement drugs?

Healthwise there is no blanket statement anyone can make about what happens to athletes who take performance enhancing drugs. Effects depend on how much, how often, and in what combination the drugs are taken. But when it comes to competitive sports the story differs. Laws have been passed forbidding athletes to use drugs for performance enhancement. And should an athlete be caught taking any they get disqualified from the meet.

Why use drugs?

Well for celebertiys and athletes they use drugs because it helps them stay up late and for normal because they're total jerks

How do you start doing drugs?

you should not use drugs

What are the drugs that use for sports?

Well, a lot of athletes illegally use steroids (barry bond), or marijuana(michael phelps)

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