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Q: Why should nfl players get paid more than teachers?
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Why teachers should get payed more than doctors?

Why teachers should be paid more than doctors, is a matter of opinion. I don't believe they should be paid more.

Should teachers be paid more than athletes?

teachers should be paid more than athlete's, but people are to stupid to realize it. Teachers give us an education that will help us in life, the athlete's don't do anything for us and they are getting paid more than anyone.

Should teachers get paid more if there students pass?

I think this is of individual opinion.

Should NFL players get paid more?

In my opinion they shouldn't. Actually it should be decreased.

Teachers should get paid more?

Yes they should because sometimes they have to deal with uni-votive students!

Who gets paid more nhl or NFL players?

football players get paid more

Who Get Paid More Basketball Players or Football Players?

Football get paid the most.

Should teachers get paid more than athletes?

More than athletes? Teachers do not provide vapid entertainment for drunken hetero males. How will beer and snack food corporations sell their products (empty calorie garbage ) through teachers (Channel 1?)? Whether teachers should be paid more than athletes does not matter in a completely unjust socio-economic system. Teachers and education are worthless to the ruling class.

Should players get paid millions of dollars?

This is more of an opinion, so nobody can really answer this.

Do teachers get paid for sick days?

Teachers ideally should get paid for sick days. Teachers are usually paid on a contract which includes sick days but this may vary with private schools.

Who should be paid more high school teachers or primary teachers?

It doesn't matter what they teach. Teachers are paid according to how many years teaching they, how many college units they have, the credentials they hold, and the degrees. All teachers should be paid on a equal basis because teaching is a hard job no matter the grade or level. I should know I have been teaching 27 years and have taught from k to college.

Why are the athletic player paid more than the teachers?

they get paid more because provide entartainment

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