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you shuld were a viser because if you dont the puck will hit your i matts had that happen

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2009-01-07 00:19:44
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Q: Why should hockey players wear a visor thanks?
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Do OHL hockey players have to wear a visor?

yes they have to wear visors.

Should NHL players wear a cage or visor?

Visor to protect there eyes. cage if there face is hurt. cages are illegal in fights

At what age can you wear a hockey visor?

The same age you can start playing hockey.

Why should NHL players wear a visor?

so their eyes do not get gouged out by sticks or pucks.

When should you use a visor?

you should use a visor when its sunny out, the sun is in your eyes, or your face is sunburned.

Are visors optional in the NHL?

Yes, players can opt to have either a visor or nothing

What do you wear when you play hockey?

When you play hockey mostly required equipment is a cage helmet (street or roller hockey) or just a visor helmet for ice hockey (you can also have a cage helmet for ice) Every type of hockey you should have shin guards Have to have hockey gloves Have to have hockey stick obviously Some people recommend having a mouth guard. Some places make you have elbow pads while some don't.

Will a football helmet visor fit on a hockey style catchers mask?

Yeah it will. Oakley visors will fit into Rawlings masks

How do you remove sun visor Toyota RAV4?

You can remove the sun visor on your Toyota Rav4 by removing the screws on the swivel arm. When they screws are remove the visor should come off.

When should you replace your football visor?

every season

If you play on a football team that wears gold and brown at kind of football visor should you wear?

A black or clear visor

First nhler to wear a visor?

Visors are a common piece of safety equipment in many hockey games these days. They are worn especially by guys who have suffered facial injuries. The first player to wear a visor was Greg Neeld in 1974.

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