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it should be a school sport because the kids that like Baseball can play for the school

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Q: Why should baseball be a sport in middle school?
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What classes should you take in high school or college to prepare for the baseball career?

There are no classes for baseball you just have to excel in the sport.

What is an example of a statistical question?

What is the favorite sport at _____ middle school.

What is the average middle school sport season?

About 2.5 months.

Is middle school marching band a sport?

Hell no!!If that was a sport all the nerds would be popular

Where can you watch middle school basketball games?

at st thomas middle school go there if you want bad sport games

Why there should be sport in school?

There should be sport in school because of the physical exercise is important to keep brain and body fit.

Should baseball be a school sport?

It already is a school sport in most schools around the country as it should be. It teaches teamwork, fair play, diligence, perseverance, patience, and above all that hard work produces positive results.

Should you try out for football?

I believe it is a great sport for teens and middle school kids.It is a good sport to play because it demonstrates team work,and you can have fun at the same time.

Which is more expensive school sport or out of school sport?

it depends on what sport. hockey is more expensive on a school team. Baseball and football are about the same for a school team and on a rec. league team.

What is the most popular sport middle school students play?

I am not sure

Can a man wear a sport bra to middle school?

Yes, yes they can.

What sport should an 11 year do if she will do that sport in high school?


What are some important things about middle school sport?

the important thing about middle school sports is that it teaches team work and sportsmanship.

Why should baseball be the national sport?

It always has been the national sport.

Should soccer be a school sport?


What sport did Mickey Mantle play in high school?


What is a popular sport in school and is 8 letter word?


What is the poupular sport at school?

It depends on age group. Soccer for Elementary. Football 4 Middle and high school

Which sport has 3 players on each side?

for middle school and under it would be volleyball

How many middle school sport programs are cut in America?

per year, 6000

What is Debbie's favorite sport?

Well she was a dancer && the mascot in middle school hope that helpedd.

Why school should keep sport?

Otherwise people will get fat

Should you have a day off school after a sport event?


What is Debby Ryan's favorite sport?

Well she was a dancer && the mascot in middle school hope that helpedd.

What sport for girls is so popular in middle school?

soccer ,softball,cheerleading,and or ping pong