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Why not? Anyway, think about the stars of the Premier League - Drogba, van Persie, Sergio Aguero - they are all foreign and help the major teams greatly. Plus, if there were only natives on British soccer teams, there would not be as many good players, and soccer there would certainly not be as popular there.

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Q: Why should Foreign football players be allowed to play for British football teams?
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Foreign football players should not be allowed to play for British football teams?

No that's what makes the premiership so good their is a selection of the best players from around the world. The standard would go down a lot if there was only English.

Should foreign players be allowed to play in the Premier League?

British football clubs are bound by the terms of the 'Treaty of Rome' which enshrines the right of all EU nationals to work freely in any member state of the European union. By law, therefore, "foreign" players should be allowed to play for Premier League football teams.

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22, eleven players per team.

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they were always aloud play

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