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The second watch is a backup. As a referee I have had 3 watches fail on me during matches. One had an electrical problem due to water infusing the case and the others had their bands snap.

In general the assistant referees and 4th official are also keeping time.

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Q: Why referees wear two watches during a soccer game?
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In soccer game the referees on the sidelines are technically?

They are technically called assistant referees.

How many referees are in a game of youth soccer?

3 ref.

What do world cup soccer referees earn?

A soccer referee earns about 750 dollars a game.

Who are the participants in game soccer?

Soccer players Referees Assistant Referees Coaches Management Substitutes Ball personnel First Aid personnel Ground Keepers Ground Officials Spectators

How much do referees get at a soccer game?

I am a referee for highschool and i get paid about 200 a game. I no youth refs get about 25 a game... THNKS

What can happen in soccer if you wear jewelry?

Metal hair clips, earrings, plastic hair headbands, watches, and bracelets are considered jewelry and are not allowed in the game. Before the game, most referees make sure no player is wearing jewelry or any other illegal items.

What is the song playing when homer referees lisa's soccer game?

Paul Revere and the Raiders - Kicks

Where are the umpires for soccer?

its a referee ;) the referee is the man in the middle he decides wether or not goals are given. Players have commited fouls.. or wether they desrve to be booked.. he also controls the game time and controls the flow of the game similar to referees in all other sports

How many referees are on a soccer field during a European soccer game?

Normally 4 1- The referee who controls the play 2/3 - There are 2 assistant referees aka linesmen keeping an eye on offsides and if the ball crosses a line 4- The fourth official who has the electronic board which shows how much added time and if there is a substitution and he is also the man who the managers complain to

What kind of game does Mr Browne referee in Disney's Bedknobs and Broomsticks?

Mr. Browne referees a royal soccer match.

Who are the officials of the game of hockey?

The officials vary, but there are two referees and two linesman during a hockey game.

How many referees are in a baseball game?

There are four referees in a baseball game.