Why play organized sports?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: Why play organized sports?
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Do kids in Europe play organized sports?

i have lived in Europe Germany to be exact and yes they do play organized sports mostly basketball and soccer though hoped this helped.

How many children play organized sports in the us?

over 100,000

Is it true during a sports physical the tough your testicles?

Yes, it is done in order to check for a hernia, you must be cleared in order to play organized sports. I have had one, it isn't a big deal.

Did Rudyard Kipling play sports?

Rudyard Kipling did not participate in organized sports, as he was more focused on his literary career. However, he was known to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and gardening.

Did Louisa May Alcott ever play sports?

There is no known evidence that Louisa May Alcott participated in organized sports. She is best known for her work as an author, particularly for writing the novel "Little Women."

Do boys or girls play more sports?

Boys do. They have Better chances of playing more sports because of NBA And NFL Draft....Idk about Baseball and hockey. But girls can't play in either of the 2 sports

What Age Do People Start To Learn How To Take On Multiple Roles Through Team Sports And Organized Play?

Children typically begin to learn how to take on multiple roles through team sports and organized play around the age of 6-7 years old. This is when they start to understand their position within a team and how to work together with others to achieve a common goal. Through continued involvement in sports and play, children further develop these skills as they grow older.

Did the poet Robert Frost play any sports?

Robert Frost did not participate in organized sports during his life. He was known to enjoy outdoor activities such as nature walks, hiking, and spending time in rural settings, but he did not engage in sports as a formal pastime.

What are popular team sports played in North Korea?

government organized team sports

Where is the cycling section on WikiAnswers?

Cycling is organized under Sports > Misc. Sports > Cycling.

Why did organized sports grow in the 1920s?

Because people needed a legal alternative to organized crime.

What sports did thomas Jefferson played?

The sports that he played were ice hockey and soccer with a shoe.Adults did not play or watch sports in Jefferson's as they do now. There were no high school athletic teams. Of course kids would run, wrestle, play tag and such, but these games were organized into sports as we think of them today.Horseback riding was done out of necessity mostly, but there were fox-hunts and some horse-racing which Jefferson may have been involved in on occasion.