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most people travel for sport purposes, because they want to support their team or to do sport them selves- like skiing.

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Q: Why people travel for sport purpose?
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What is the definition for sport tourism?

DEFINITION OF SPORTS TOURISM:- travel undertaken for the purpose of engaging in a particular sport such as skiing or golf, or to watch a favorite team play.

Why is dodgeball a good sport to play?

You get to hit people with a ball on purpose.

What is the purpose of sport?

the purpose of sport is to keep yourself fit and healthy but to have fun as well.

What is a travel sport?

a travel sport is when you travel the world playing different kinds of sports sports from different cultures and stuff like that

What is the purpose of helicopter?

To have a transportation that travel by air for the Army or VIP people.

What is the purpose of british airways?

To allow people to travel to different countries.

What were most roman chariots made for?

Roman chariots had a duel purpose. Chariot racing was a big sport in ancient Rome, thus chariots were made for the purpose of racing. The military had use for chariots to travel to various destinations in the empire.

What are purpose of travel?

To me the purpose of traveling is to experience different things like you have never heard or thought would happen. another thing is that when you travel you have lots of fun and you get to know more and new people

What is the purpose of a visa for international travel?

To monitor the immigration of overseas visitors and to qualify people to be able to enter a country. People who have a criminal history are limited in their ability to travel.

Why did the pilgrims travel to other lands?

pilgrims are people who travel for religious purpose so they most likely are traveling for religious reasons

What was the purpose of the sport?

The purpose of sports is to get healthy and to lose weight.

What are the purpose of cheerleaders?

They entertain, well that what my cheer coach tells me. It depends what sport your cheering for. ------------------------------------------------------- Cheerleaders root on teams at games. it is also a challenging and competitive sport that some people enjoy.

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I don't believe there is an actual theory or even a purpose. It just developed that way as people grew up. Now that people travel a lot dialect is evening out.

What is the purpose of a travel request form?

This is a business form that needs to be filled-up to complete the travel. This includes the travel purpose and date preferences.

Purpose of sport?

Money and exercise

What was the purpose of airplane?

So people could travel to different places instead of riding on boats to get somewhere

What are the release dates for Sport and Travel in Central Africa - 1914?

Sport and Travel in Central Africa - 1914 was released on: USA: June 1914

What was the purpose of the steamboat?

It's purpose was to help people negate the effects that wind, current, and tide play upon maritime services, such as cargo shipping and leisure travel.

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The purpose of the NHRA is to promote the sport of hot rod racing. They advertise and do news releases about the sport to generate national interest in hot rod racing.

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What sport does the term travel come from?


In which sport do competitions travel on a skeleton?


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What purpose do the Olympics have?

to see who is the best at what sport

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your backyard