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Students are generally required to maintain a certain GPA to play sports because the school system does not want students or their families to place more emphasis on the sport than on education.

Setting a minimum GPA ensures that the student will focus on academics if they wish to continue playing the sport they enjoy.

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Q: Why must students have good grades to play sports?
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Should high school students playing sports be tied to grades?

Yes, because they chose to play sports, so they must accept full responsibility for their grades in school.

Do sports help your grades?

Yes it does cause i means you would do good with your grades because you must be passing all your classes to do it

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Why should sports be allowed in schools?

It is a way for students to release stress and get their mind off of drama.reasurch shows that students who do a sport have better grades than those who do not, depending if the school says there is a minimum grade you must have in order to play sportsStay healthy

Do you have to have passing grades to play sports?

yes, u must have at least a C in all classes to do sports:)

Why is academics more important than sports at school?

1st of all, you need good grades, I found this out the hard way, I am failing algebra and I am currently working to bring my grade up! But in order to play sports, you must have good grades, first of all to get into a good college and maybe even play on the college team for whatever sport you are trying out for!

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Can 8th graders play high school sports in the state of Ohio?

No. Students must be in 9th-12th grade.

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