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NO definitely not. Sports in schools encourage good grades, good attendance, teamwork, and physical fitness

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Q: Should Sports Be Separate From Public Schools?
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Are private schools in Florida allowed to play sports in public schools?


Should schools get rid of school sports?


Should schools cancel sports?

No, definitely not.

Which of the following sports is strongly associated with public schools and oxbridge?

soccer and basketball

Should middle schools have more sports?

it depneds on the school's budget and financial status. If the school is very keen on funding sports and sports equitment to the school, then chances are they are going to have more sports. some schools however may not have the time and money to provide to schools sporting teams. however i believe that schools should have alot of sports team's for exercise and fun.

Why should elementary schools have sports?

Obesity that's why.

Should elementary schools have contact sports?

yess they should some schools only get sports time once a week others schools get it every other day

Can boys and girls play sports in Pakistan?

No, in many areas of Pakistan, females are killed or threatened with harm for participating in sports.

Why should sports be included in schools?

to have fun, for compettitition, and for excercise.

Why are Catholic sport teams better than Public?

They tend to be better because they are private institutions so people must pay money to go to their schools, unlike public schools. Thus they have the money to hire nice sports coaches and afford better practice facilities.A:In some places they are. In other places Public school sports teams are better than Catholic schools.

How many sports should schools require?

they should require at least 5-6

Do schools have to uphold scholarships if they get rid of sports?

If schools get rid of sports, they should honor contracts. What they will do in a particular instance is a different question. Frequently the contracts have clauses that let the schools off the hook.