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Q: Why might the invaders of Britain in 449 have decorated their helmets with horns?
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What do the horns on the vikings helmets stand for?

Vikings never had horns on their helmets.

What did the vikings not have?

They did not have horns on their helmets

Sis vikings have horns on their helmets?


Why did vikings have horns on their helmets?

to be king

Did vikings have horns on there helmets?

Vikings had a metal helmet with no horns on so any one that told you that they did they are wrong. The idea of the Vikings having horns on there Helmets came from the Victorians

What do the horns on the viking hat stand for?

Vikings did not have horns on the outside of their helmets, that is a myth , they did how ever have horns on the inside of the halemet.

Did vikings have horns on their heimets?

No, the vikings didn't have horns on their helmets the Victorians made it up.

Do vikings have helmtes?

They usually did have helmets in battle. Not helmets with horns because they weren't that foolish. A helmet with horns would make it easy for the enemy to grab the horns and drag the viking down and kill him/her (Yes her).

Why did vikings have horns on helmets?

According to the museum staff that have actual Viking relics in parts of Europe; Viking helmets didn't have horns on them. It must have been a Hollywood film that got the idea going. Because that's where nearly everyone first saw horns on Viking helmets...the movies. ======================== "Der Ring des Nibelungen," Wagner's opera, is what started the idea of Vikings having helmets with horns and wings.

What were the vikings horns made out of?

Nothing, they didn't have horns on there helmets! The myth was inveted in Victorian times.

What can you conclude about a culture in which people wore helmets with horns?

Many ancient Celts wore horned helmets.

Do cool rollerbladers wear skate helmets?

Yup. Horns optional.