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Because it is a not a tape recorder. ;p;

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Q: Why memory is not simply a recording of an event or experience?
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What would be the best way to record quotes and memories into video?

Quotes can be recorded to video by having someone say the quote while recording them or by taking a video recording of the quote written down. Recording memories to video can be done by recording yourself or someone else recalling that memory. Another way would be to record an event as it happens before it becomes a memory then you will already have it recorded when you want a recording of that memory.

What is memory trace and how it works?

The influence or change that our experience retains on our physic and mind is known as memory trace. A memory trace is a memory formed during the first experiencing of an event. An Example is when a person sees a stop sign for the first time this creates a memory trace for a stop sign. It is the idea that misleading post event information impairs or replaces memories that were formed during the original experiencing of an event.

What does 'DMI Event Log space full' mean?

The DMI Event Log is a recording of errors encountered by the BIOS during the boot process. A system administrator or technician can examine the log to view possible problems. Since it is stored on a Flash memory chip, which are comparatively expensive, the space that can be allocated to the log is very limited. This error message means that the log needs to be deleted so that new recording events can occur. Most systems will, however, simply erase the oldest entries automatically.

What is Constructive memory?

Constructive memory. The creation of personal, episodic memory from a previous experience is a remarkably complex process. The act of remembering an episodic event is as much an act of creation as an act of reproduction.

What is event recording?

Event recording is writing down (recording) information about a certain subject. For example you can record how much money you saved or the biggest rubber band ball. You can find this info. in record book.

Is it possible to experience memory loss after a traumatic event?

Yes. When someone experiences a traumatic situation, his brains are capable of trying to 'protect' him against that experience because he and his body can't handle what happened. It's also possible that someone has memory loss after that person get hit on his head in an accident. Like a car crash..

What is the daily event recording book called?

A journal

What is an event recalled from the past?

a memory?

What problem did the camera solve?

The camera solved the problem of capturing a moment in time. Before cameras, people relied on artists to record a likeness of a person or depict a historical event or memory. The camera makes possible recording people, time, places, and events in an instant.

What is a synonym for experience?

; 1. experience, education : usage: the accumulation of knowledge or skill that results from direct participation in events or activities; "a man of experience"; "experience is the best teacher" ; 2. experience, content, cognitive content, mental object : usage: the content of direct observation or participation in an event; "he had a religious experience"; "he recalled the experience vividly" ; 3. experience, happening, occurrence, natural event : usage: an event as apprehended; "a surprising experience"; "that painful experience certainly got our attention"

How likely will Maryland experience an earthquake?

Unlikely to experience a major seismic event

What is the definition to commemorative?

A service or event in memory of something

How does research into repression explain forgeting?

research into repression explain forgetting because the memory of the event have been repressed into the unconscious mind and although it affects their conscious thought, there is no conscious memory of the event.

What do you have when you have lived through an event?

experience, wisdom

What involves the loss of all memory of an event or situation?


A ceremony to honor the memory of a person or event?

A Memorial Ceremony.

Involves the loss of all memory of an event or situation?


How do you spell exeperence?

The correct spelling is experience (an event, or having employment experience).

How many bytes of memory does the brain have?

Biological memory doesn't really work that way, and there's no definitive answer in any event.

How many shots were fired in the Kennedy Assassination?

There were 4 shots fired at John Kennedy. People were recording the event, and when the recording was played, you could definetly hear 4 shots fired.

How many affection points do you need to experience the second heart event for Lumina in harvest moon ds?

at least 10,000. but you can only experience the second heart event in the second year.

What vocabulary term means a report or description of an event or experience?


Memory refers to a vivid detailed recollection of an emotional event?

Flashbulb memory Good luck with your psych homework

Is it possible to lose all memory after a traumatic event?

A traumatic event can't make you lose your memory, but it might make you repress it.You may repress it for a day, week, months, or forever. Your memory may come back to you at anytime. It could be when you are focusing on remembering it or not even thinking about it at all.

What does it mean when i dream of dancing with a man?

This is probably a wish-fulfillment dream, allowing you to experience a romantic fairy-tale moment of dancing with a wonderful man. It does not predict any future event; it is simply a lovely dream.