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Q: Why isn't chariot racing in the Olympics?
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What is chariot racing in the ancient Olympics?


When was chariot racing taken out of the Olympics?

hey peeps

How did chariot racing take place in ancient Greece?

In the Olympics

What is the difference between ancient greek Olympics and the Olympics now?

we dont have horse and chariot racing

What events were held in ancient Greece?

the olympics

What sports were there in the Olympics at the time of pankration?

boxing wrestling running chariot racing horse racing pentathlon

What games did the Greeks play in the Olympics?

running, chariot racing, wrestling and boxing

Who won the discus chariot racing in the ancient Olympics games?

The best performers.

Footraces in every Olympics did some Olympics feature other kinds of races name theme?

Chariot Racing

There were foot races in every Olympics. Did some Olympics feature other kinds of races Name them.?

chariot racing

What games were played in ancient Olympics games?

Pankration, Decathlon, Chariot Racing, Wrestling,

What is an equestrian event that took place in the Greek Olympics?

Chariot racing, from 600 BC.