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Because every player as a specific job. Each player is scattered across the court and if there was any more players it would just be too crowded. You need you space to move around, and work you space. But you do need reserves because its very tiring.

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Q: Why is there only 7 players on a netball team?
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What is 7 p in a NT short for?

7 players in a netball team

Does a netball team have ten players?

No a netball team has 7 players but you can have reserves which could make up 8 - 9 - 10 or more players

What is the netball made of?

netball is made of 7 players on a team the court and the umpiers

How many players makeup a netball team?

You can have up to about 12 but only 7 on the court at a time, per team.

How many players are on the court for a netball team?


A netball team consists of how many players?


Who are the 7 netball players in the Australian netball team?

I am not exactly sure but there are more than seven players including the emergency.

How many players in compettive netball?

In netball one team has 7 players so in a full game of netball there are always 14 people on court and usually 2 subs for each team.

What is the average number of players in a netball team?

7 outfield players and some reserves

How many netball players play in the diamonds team?


How many team player on a netball team?

There are 7 players on each team.

How many players to make up a netball team?

A maximum of 12 players in a team with 5-7 players on court (a game cannot continue with less than 5 players on court).