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because without one all the runners on base would be able to score on a high pop up on the infield the tag up rule is a compromise between that situation and not allowing the runners to advance at all after a ball is caught

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Q: Why is there a tag up rule?
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What HTML tag is used to insert a horizontal rule?

The tag defines a horizontal rule.

Does a horizontal rule tag need a close tag?

No the HR tag does not need a close tag.

What is the rule for a catcher to be up the thirds base line?

I heard that if they are "up the line" you can't slide or avoid the tag there for "railroading' the catcher.

Can you tag a player with a ball in dodgeball?

From research there is no rule stating that you can't tag a player with a ball and they will be out. Although... there is a rule stating if you cross your boundary lines you are out. If you can tag a player without crossing the line they should be out.

Dothe runners on base during the infield fly rule have to tag up before advancing at own risk?

The runner has to wait for the outfielder to catch the ball, then they can tag up and run to the next base at their own risk.

What is horizontal tag in HTML?

The horizontal rule tag creates a line across the page. You can use it like this:

Can you go to second on tag-up?

Yes, if you tag up properly.

Can you go to second on a tag-up?

Yes, if you tag up properly.

Can you tag up in softball?

Yes, you can tag up on pop flies. ANSWER yes

Do runners have to tag up on an infield fly rule?

Yes! Under rule 2.00 'Definition of Terms': "Runners may...retouch and advance after the ball is touched, the same as on any fly ball".

Can someone tag up on a ball caught in fowl territory?

yes he can tag up

how to look up a tag number free?

how to look up a tag number free

Explain Hr and Img tag in HTML tags?

The hr tag is the horizontal rule tag. It puts a line across the page.The img tag displays an image in a page. If you wanted to display an image called photo.jpg, you could do it like this:

What does the HR tag in HTML do?

The hr tag in HTML is the "Horizontal Rule" tag. Essentially, the tag creates a horizontal line. This line was often used in print to separate chapters and the like. You can style the tag in various ways, giving it color and borders, width and height. By default, the tag displays something like this:

Does a baserunner have to tag up after a foul ball?

No, it is optionalaction. The base runner can tag up anytime a fly ball is hit out of the infield. They can't tag up on a fly ball hit in the infield. They also can tag up on a foul ball hit anywhere on the field but they don't have to.

Do baseball players have to tag up after every pitch?

No, base runners are only required to tag up on an out by the batter.

Do you have to tag up on a foul tip?


What does the Strong Tag do?

The Tag The text between these tags will be strongThe strong tag is another way to end up with bold text.

What is the in-field fly rule?

The infield fly rule is when a better hits a pop-up into the infield and there is a runner on base. The Umpire will call infield fly and the batter is automatically out and the runner on base has to tag up. This prevents the fielder to purposefully drop the fly-ball to turn a double play.

Do you have to tag up after a foul ball even if it not caught?

If a foul ball is not caught in the air, the ball is dead, so there would be no tag up opportunity. If it is caught in the air, the runners can tag up and advance at their own risk.

In baseball and you're on base and a foul ball is caught can you tag up?

Yes, you may tag up and advance at your own risk.

Sacrifice fly runner does not tag up?

if the runner does not tag up and does not get back to the bag after the ball is caught and thrown to whichever bag he is at then he is out.

What is paragraph tagin HTML?

A paragraph tag in HTML is a <p> tag. This tag is used to indicate paragraphs in HTML marked up documents. To correctly use this <p> tag you must have both the opening tag <p> and the closing tag </p>.

Who made up the game tag?

a caveman

Can you tag up from first base?

yes you can