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Tony Hawk founded the Birdhouse brand and a "Hawk" is a type of bird.

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Q: Why is there a skateboard brand called Birdhouse?
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What is Tony's Hawk skateboard company called?


Is positive a pro skating brand?

It does not appear that Positive is a pro skating brand. Some brands of skateboard decks include Zero, Birdhouse, Blitz, Blind, Powell, and Element.

What is the best skateboard deck?


Is birdhouse a pro skateboard company?


What is the most common skateboard?

The most common skateboard is probably a birdhouse or element

What is a good skateboard to buy?

keep the deck to about 35 to 60 dollars the trucks about 25 to 30 dollars and wheels like 25 to 30 but none of it is cheap it you get a popular brand skateboard like PlanB or BirdHouse

What is the best brand of skateboard for a 13 year old?

zero or baker birdhouse almost or foudation the brand is personal preference. what matters is the dimensions of the deck, which varies depending on if you ride vert or street

What is better birdhouse or almost skateboard?


What skateboard group is Tony Hawk on?


What type of skateboard does Tony Hawk use?

Tony hawk uses a birdhouse skateboard

What is the best brand of skateboard hardware?

I would probably say birdhouse, alien workshop, girl, element, almost, zoo york, flip, and black label

Is birdhouse a good skateboard?

No they break way to easy

What is tony hawks favorite skateboard?

probably a birdhouse.

What skateboard dose Tony Hawk use?


Who created birdhouse skateboard company?

Tony Hawk

What board does Tony Hawk ride?

he rides his own brand called birdhouse

What kind of skateboard does Tony Hawk?

Birdhouse. Hes the chairman of the team

Where can you buy a birdhouse skateboard in Illinois?

at a skateshop like zumiez or krudco

What skateboard does Tony Hawk have?

tony hawk has a birdhouse deck im not sure what wheels or trucks

What kind of skateboard does Tony Hawk ride?

I think He Rides Birdhouse

What Brand of Skateboard Does Rodney Mullen Ride?

He owns Almost...Their boards are made in china and he makes money off his name...A better board would be a Real, Foundation, Toy Machine, Krooked...Just because someone rides a certain brand doesn't make it good...Just look at birdhouse.

What brand of skate board does Tony Hawk use?


What is a skateboard name?

i know loads heres a few , blind ,almost and voltage birdhouse,girl.SKaTe and mongoose

How many wife's did Tony Hawk have?

Tony Hawks wife had 36 skateboards, mostly birdhouse, hawks on skateboard line.

Where can you buy skateboard brand necklacechains?

There are many places where you can buy skateboard necklace chains. Places include Amazon, Zumiez, and Icon Brand.