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Because the best soccer teams and soccer players are playing each other and you are rooting for your country if your country is playing.

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Q: Why is the world cup interesting to watch?
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Where can you watch icc world cup?

you can watch it on

Where can you watch the cricket World Cup?

You can watch it on T.V.

Where can you watch 2011 World Cup matches?

There is no such thing as the World Cup 2011

How many people watch the FIFA World Cup?

The whole world watches the World Cup

How many people did watch the world cup 2008 worldwide?

There was no World Cup 2008.

How many people watch the 1996 world cup?

No one, there was no World Cup in that year.

Where can you watch the World Cup live?

You will have to go to South Africa and see the world cup live.

Where can you watch icc cricket world cup online for free?

We can watch world cup free online at icc official site.Its name is icc-cricket.

What channel to watch world cup 2010?

I watch it in India on the E.S.P.N channel.

Where Watch World Cup Cricket Matches 2015 Live Online?

Watch World Cup Cricket Matches 2015 Live Online On WWW 9XSPORTS COM

Is Wimbledon watched by more people than the world cup?

No more people watch the world cup, then the Wimbledon.

How many fans watch the world cup?


Thing to do in South Africa?

Watch the World Cup.

Where can you watch rugby World Cup?


Aproximately how many people watch football during the world cup?

Last world cup it was over a billion people who watched the world cup , this year it could be more.

How many people throughout the world watch the world cup?

Only Asia.

Where can you watch FIFA World Cup?

Fox Network bought the rights so watch it on Fox.

Interesting events that happened in soccer?

The creation of the FIFA World Cup, it is the biggest sports event in the world.

What do people watch the most the world cup or the Olympics?

The world cup is far more popular and so watched by more people.

Where You Can Watch Fifa World Cup 2018?

Not yet decided, But maybe i can watching world cup mach at my home in online live

What site can i watch world cup for free?

What type of watch does fabio capello wear?

Fabo Capello is wearing at the World Cup a Hublot Big Bang Rose Gold watch. Hublot are the official sponsors of the world cup this year.

Where to watch today's world cup match live?

you can enjoy today's world cup event with best picture quality in the link below. Just click one of the server and watch live.

How many people watch FIFA world cup daily?

The whole world watches the world cup, the number could be 248,million or even more.

Do Canadians watch FIFA World Cup and do they even care about it?

Canadians do watch FIFA World Cup since there are football fans in that country and they follow the proceedings in Brazil. They care a lot since it is an entertainment.

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