Why is the undertaker gone?

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Because he's been fighting for a long time and is having to rest because of his age

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Q: Why is the undertaker gone?
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Where has gone HHH and Undertaker?

Trple H is Recovering The Undertaker Is Too

Is undertaker gone?

no, hes on smackdown wwe

Who won shawan micaels or undertaker?

the undertaker won but michaels is gone but he will come back

Is undertaker really gone from WWE?


Why is undertaker gone and when will he return?

His Injured Knee. And Yes He Will Be Coming Back Very Soon.

If Triple H is gone from WWE?

No. Everybody thought he was gone when Sheamus attacked him the night after Wrestlemania 26 on Raw. He was still in the previews at the beginning of the shows, so you know he wasn't gone. He came back and issued Undertaker to a match at Wrestlemania 27 in an attempt to end Undertaker's streak.

Will the undertaker do the motorcycle again?

i doubt it coz he has gone evil and is interested in death int he so there for no

Who won career vs streak in WrestleMania 26?

Undertaker won. The streak lives on and HBK is gone.

Is the undertaker going to tna?

No he is not. He has been gone because after Wrestlemania 25 he had knee surgery. He will be back sometime in September.

Why is undertaker gone?

He isn't he is taking a break because he almost broke his neck in the match against Shawn michaels. undertaker will return at Summer Slam. As for Shawn he will return late 2009 or early 2010.

Is undertaker single again?

Yes. He is divorced from his wife Sarah He used to have her named tattooed across his neck and now it is gone.

What is age of undertaker?

Undertaker is 44! Undertaker is 44!

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