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because they gone knock you out with a tackle

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Q: Why is the tackle on the offensive line called a tackle?
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What positions play on the Offensive Line?

Offensive line is like this: Takle, Guard, Center, Guard, Tackle ~*D.Hernandez*~ #61 Offensive line is like this: Takle, Guard, Center, Guard, Tackle ~*D.Hernandez*~ #61

What is it called if defense charges though offensive line to tackle quarterback before he can pass or hand off the ball?

A sack

What does a offensive line do?

If you mean in American Football the offensive line is the first front of blocking for the offense. They block the Defensive line/Line Backers. They're typically the bigger guys on the team (height and weight). The offensive line positions starting from left to right are; Left(split) Tackle/Left(split) Guard/Center/Tight(Right) Guard/Tight(Right) Tackle/ You can also have a Tight End depending on the offensive play called.

Who is next to right tackle in football?

The Right Guard (RG) This is the alignment of the offensive line: Left Tackle Left Guard Center Right Guard Right Tackle The fullback is usually placed in the offensive line, and the tight end most of the time. Occasionally the Wide Reciever or the Running Back will be placed in the offensive line.

Is the Left guard on the offensive line?

Yes. An offensive line in football consists of a center, a left and right guard and a left and right tackle.

How many positions are on the offensive line in the NFL?

An NFL offensive line consists of five linemen.CenterRight and Left GuardRight and Left Tackle

Whats the difference between an offensive Guard and an Offensive Tackle in football?

The offensive tackle is one of the five positions on the offensive line in American Football. The tackle position (left and right) is located on the outside of the offensive line, next to the guards.Tackle Guard Center Guard TackleThe Tackles role is to protect the quarterback and/or ball carrier by blocking the rushing defensive linemen, linebackers and/or blitzing defensive players.

Who was on the original offensive line for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The starting offensive line for the 1933 Pittsburgh Pirates was: Left Tackle: Don Rhodes Left Guard: Larry Critchfield Center: Cap Oehler Right Guard: Clarence Janecek Right Tackle: Corrie Artman

What postion does Michael Oher play?

Michael Oher plays on the offensive line, specifically left tackle.

Does an offensive tackle need to be covered by a receiver at the snap of the football?

No, the tackle does not need to be covered up. As long as there are 7 people on the line of scrimmage, it does not matter where they are at. Only the non-lineman players on the line farthest from the ball are eligible. Anyone not on the line is eligible.

When was Mike Adams - offensive tackle - born?

Mike Adams - offensive tackle - was born on 1990-03-10.

When was Robert Woods - offensive tackle - born?

Robert Woods - offensive tackle - was born on 1950-07-26.