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Boxing was not always called Boxing. In the ancient Greek and Roman times, the sport of bashing up the teeth of your opponent during fist fighting was called pugilism.

Boxing is known to have been around in some shape or form since 3000bc.

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Q: Why is the sport of boxing called BOXING?
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In what countries is boxing the national sport?

Boxing is the national sport of Phillippines and Thailand(called Muay Thai or Thai boxing).

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Why is boxing is called the sweet science?

There are many reasons why boxing is called the sweet science. This could be in reference to the sport's awesomeness.

Is boxing an individual or a team sport?

Boxing is an individual sport.

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Who invented the sport boxing?

who invented the sport boxing

Why is chess boxing a unusual sport?

Chess boxing is an unusual sport because chess & boxing are totally different 'sports'. Chess is a 'sport' of the mind, and is very calm (except when you or your opponent, whichever loses, is a bad loser!). Boxing is a 'sport' of strength, and is deffinately NOT a calm 'sport'.

When did boxing begin as a sport?

boxing began in 2005

What sport is a southpaw called?

A southpaw is related to the sport of boxing.

Which events are normally covered by BBC sport boxing?

The events that are normally covered by BBC Sport Boxing are all different news articles regarding the sport of boxing. This is a British news site but any important boxing story would be included on the site.

When did boxing become a legal sport?

Boxing became a sport in 688 B.C. but became a legal sport in 1920 A.D.

Is boxing a martial art?

NO boxing is a type of sport that started with europeans.

Is boxing a winter Olympics sport?

No, boxing is performed in the Summer Olympics.

How long is boxing season?

Boxing is not a seasonal sport. boxing shows can be held any day of the year.

When does boxing season start?

Boxing is not a seasonal sport. boxing shows can be held any day of the year.

What sport is called sweet science?

well, you DID ask this in the BOXING section.

a sport in which two people flight each other?

boxing MMA Wrestling hockey kickboxing karate ju jitzu

What is the smallest weight class in Olympic boxing?

i love boxing. its my favorite sport.

In what sport is the term upper cut?

boxing and sometimes wrestling but mostly boxing

Is boxing self defense?

No boxing is a gaming sport not a means of self defence.

Did people do the sport of boxing in the middle ages?

Boxing was a sport in ancient times and remained popular through the Middle Ages.

What are the objectives of boxing?

Boxing is a sport, which takes endurance and technique. The objective is to knock your opponent out. Not a very friendly sport..huh?

What is boxing?

boxing is a sport that people all round the world take part in it is also in the olympics.its were 2 people fight with boxing gloves on obviously .Boxing is a martial sport in which two competitors score points by exchanging punches above the waist.

What are some good books on Boxing history?

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