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Because it occurred on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas.

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Q: Why is the Boxing Day tsunmia called the Boxing Day tsunmia?
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What is a boxing contest called?

boxing day

Why 26 December is called boxing day?

December 26.Boxing Day

What is anthor name for Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is also called St. Stephens Day

Which day is called Boxing Day?

In some countries, the 26th of December is known as Boxing Day.

What is day after Christmas is called?

Boxing day

Why is December 26th called 'Boxing Day'?

december 26th is beleived to be called boxing day because its the day you get rid of all your preasent boxes.

What is the next day of Christmas called?

Boxing Day.

What is boxing day called on the isle of man?

Wren Day

Is the tunami 2004 Boxing Day real?

yes it is watch it on youtube its called: 2004 boxing day tsunami

What is St Stephen's Day also called?

It's also called Boxing Day

Does the name of Boxing day come from the need to rid the house of empty boxes the day after Christmas?

no its called boxing day because of skyrim

What day after Christmas in Canada?

The day after Christmas in Canada is called Boxing Day.