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Red Sox pitcher Mel Parnell (himself immortalized in Terry Cashman's Talking Baseball) immortalized his teammate Johnny Pesky by dubbing the right field foul pole in Fenway Park the Pesky Pole, after Pesky won a game for Parnell with a home run near the pole. The pole is just 302 feet from home plate. Pesky was a slap hitter, and his bloop would have been a routine fly out in most other parks (just as Bobby Thompson's "Shot Heard Around the World" would have been a routine fly out in any stadium besides the Polo Grounds). Parnell made the name stick after he became the Red Sox broadcaster.

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Q: Why is the right field foul pole at Fenway Park called the Pesky Pole?
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What does Fenway Park look like?

Here's a pic. Th left-field wall is called the green monster. The right-field foul pole (not shown) is called Pesky Pole, named after Sox great Johhny Pesky.

Fun facts about Fenway park?

Some fun facts about Fenway are: The green monster wall in left field is 37 feet 2 inches tall. It used to be just a dirt hill before construction started. The right field pole is called 'Pesky's Pole' because Johnny Pesky was really good at hooking home runs around it.

When was the last time 2 grand slams in one game at Fenway park?

no one no one has hit a ball over the right field grandstand roof at fenway.

How far from the plate are the walls in Fenway Park?

The dimensions at Fenway Park:Left Field: 310 ft.Deep Left-Center: 379 ft.Center Field: 389 ft. 9 in.Deep Right-Center: 420 ft.Right-Center: 380 ft.Right Field: 302 ft.

Info on 2009 renovations on fenway park?

this offseason they are going to be replacing the red seats in the loge, field box, dugout box and the right field roof seats.

How far would a player have to hit a ball into center field to get a home run at Fenway Park?

left center field is 388 center field 488 right center filed 402

Why is there a faded chair in right field at fenway?

Faded Chair? There is a special red chair that is so colored because it is the confirmed longest home run ever hit at Fenway Park. It was hit by the famous Ted Williams.

What is there position called in out field in baseball?

The three positions are Left Field, Right Field, and Center Field.

How far is right field from center field in the new Yankee Stadium?

the right field wall at fenway park is tricky...which is why most newcomers have a hard time playing that the deepest part - it's 380 feet from home plate and along the line it measures 302 feet - I'm pretty sure that's up to pesky's pole - which allows for the short home run

How big is fenway park?

; Fenway Park measures 310 feet (94.5 meters) down the left field line: 379 feet (115.5 meters) in left center field; 390 feet (118.9 meters) in center field; 420 feet (128 meters) in deep center field; 380 feet (115.8 meters) in deep right field; and 302 feet (92 meters) down the right field line. ; ; The left field wall -- also known as the Green Monster -- measures 37 feet (11.3 meters) high. The center field wall is 17 feet (5.2 meters) high, the bullpen fences measure five feet (1.5 meters) and the right field fence is 3 to 5 feet (0.9 to 1.5 meters) high.

What are baseball player Johnny Pesky's physical stats?

Johnny Pesky is 5 feet 9 inches tall. He weighs 168 pounds. He bats left and throws right.

Who are the retired Red Sox uniforms in right field?

#1- Bobby Doerr #4- Joe Cronin #6- Johnny Pesky #8- Carl Yastrzemski #9- Ted Williams #14- Jim Rice #27- Carlton Fisk