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Q: Why is the jack called kitty in lawn bowls?
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What 7 letter word can you make with theses letters crhhtneuorie?

In lawn bowls, a "toucher" is a bowl that touches the kitty on its way through.

Is jack used in lawn bowls?

yes, it is the white small ball. Without it, you couldnt play.

In the game of Lawn Bowling was is the meaning of the head?

The head is area directly around which the "jack" or "kitty" is set.

What makes a good lawn bowls team captain?

Skipper of lawn bowls

What sport is played on a surface called a green?

Lawn Bowling or "Bowls" in England.

What is a bias in lawn bowls?

The bias on lawn bowls is the side of the lawn bowl that is heavier. Different types of bowls will have stronger biases and depending on where the weight is in the bowl it might have a gradual lean or a strong hook turn.

Is petanque a form of lawn bowls?


Is lawn bowls in the olympics?

Lawn Bowls is not an olympic sport, however it is a part of the Commonwealth Games

What is lawn bowling?

Lawn Bowling is different from the US term "bowling." In lawn bowling, players stand on a green and roll palm sized balls towards a jack or kitty rather than down a lane towards pins such as in tenpin bowling. See related links below.

Why do they spray the bowl in the game of lawn bowls?

The only time, that i can think of, when you spray a bowl in a game of lawn bowls, is when the wood (black bowl) has touched the Jack (white ball) They spray the black bowl, with a white spray chalk, so that you can see that it hit the Jack. If a bowl has been sprayed with the spray chalk, it means that it is a LIVE BOWL and, even if it is hit out of the rink, it still counts.

Can I play lawn green bowls in France?


What is the Bangladesh national sport?

Lawn bowls.