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Because they are trying to be motivational and show that Basketball is hard work.

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Q: Why is the coaches on a basketball team so strict?
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Why should a basketball coach keep a basketball player on the team?

If you cast your team at the start of the season then they have to do something extremly extreme to by kicked of the team and its also as much of the teams decision as much as the coaches so they all have to agree to kick someone of the team.

Who kept Jordan from being on the high school basketballteam?

well, his three-point accuracy was only 99%. The coaches grandson was in the same position so he put his terrible grandson on the starting basketball team.

Six is to volleyball as blank is to basketball?

There are six players on a volleyball team and five on a basketball team so six is to volleyball as five is to basketball

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u cant determine that

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Why is teamwork so important in basketball?

team members are important in basketball because how can a basketball game be played without any players and that players are the team members

Who is the captain of the Indian basketball team now and in 1930?

The current Captain of the Indian basketball team is Amritpal Singh. The team was made in 1936, so there was no 1930 captain.

How many Hispanic managers in the MLB?

There are 30 major league teams. Each team has @8 coaches ( this varies by team) for a total of around 240 coaches. There are 5 managers and 37 total black coaches in the major leagues. The Dodgers have the most with 4 while 6 teams do not have any black coaches. Of the 37 coaches 13 are of Latino decent. The break down is 16 1st Base Coaches, 9 Hitting Coaches, 5 3rd Base coaches, 4 Bullpen coaches, 2 positon coaches and 1 bench coach. There are 0 black pitching coaches. I got these numbers by going to each team's site on so feel free to go behind me and double check my numbers.

Why are there 5 players on a basketball team?

there is not 5 people on a basketball team there is 11 thats what people say so i think so too Why are there 11 players on a football field; Its just the rules

Why is defence needed for basketball?

So The Other Team Cant Score..

Was Diggy ever on a basketball team?

yes he has he is so cute and it was when he was younger (:

Why does basketball players have to be able to read?

So they can read their contracts and know how much money they make and what they're doing with it. So that their coaches and the other players don't have to read everything to them.