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As no African country hosted the world cup , it was decided to give it to South Africa.

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Q: Why is the World Cup hosed in South Africa?
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What part in South Africa is FIFA World Cup?

The world cup is in South Africa. South Africa is the name of the country.

Has South Africa won a World Cup?

No, south Africa has never won a world cup

Has South Africa won the World Cup?

No, South Africa has never won the World Cup.

When has South Africa won the World Cup?

South Africa have to still win the world cup.

What year was the World Cup in South Africa?

2010 was the year in which the world cup was held in South Africa.

When did South Africa win the cricket world cup?

South Africa didn't win cricket world cup.

Did South Africa qualify for the 2006 world cup?

South Africa did not qualify for 2006 FIFA World Cup

Has South Africa ever won FIFA World Cup?

South Africa has never won the World Cup.

Who won the world cup held in South Africa?

Spain won the world cup held in south Africa.

What World Cup is being held in South Africa this year?

The F.i.F.A world cup will be held in South Africa.

Has South Africa ever won a cricket world cup?

No South Africa have never won a world cup.

South Africa plays 1998 world cup?

Yes South Africa did play in the 1998 world cup , it was their first world cup ever.

Why is the World Cup held in South Africa?

It was decided to give the world cup to South Africa for 2010 a, as no African country had hoisted the world cup.

When does the World Cup start in South Africa?

The world cup,2010 in south Africa starts on 11/6/2010.

Have South Africa hosted the world cup before?

South Africa has never hosted the World Cup in soccer before.

South Africa went to its first World Cup in what year?

South Africa debuted in the World Cup in France 1998.

How many times south Africa won cricket world cup?

south africa never won the world cup

Is America on the world cup south Africa 2010?

Yes the U.S.A did reach the 2010 world cup in South Africa.

Who are the world cup hosts for the world cup 2010?

South Africa

Why did South Africa get to host the world cup?

It was decided to have it in South africa, as no country in Africa had held the cup till 2010.

Why is the World Cup in South Africa?

because it is south africas turn to host the world cup

What does south Africa do?

The world cup is being hosted in South Africa this year

South Africa fifa world cup 2010 group A result?

Both South Africa and France were knocked out of the world cup.

How many people visited South Africa for the world cup?

there were 64 million people visited south africa for the world cup

How many times has south Africa won the world cup cricket?

South Africa have yet to win the world cup in cricket.