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Cause that's how long a marathon is.

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Q: Why is the NYC Marathon 26.2 miles long?
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How long does it take to run NYC marathon?


Where does the NYC marathon start?

The NYC marathon starts in Staten Island. Get there early because there's lots of walking to the start.

How long from nyc to paris?

about 3,600 miles

What time does the NYC marathon start?


How old do you have to be to run the NYC marathon?

you have to be 18

Is Broadway in nyc 150 miles long?


How can you register for 2009 NYC marathon?

What is the date of the 2008 NYC Marathon?

November 2, 2008

Where does the NYC marathon end?

Tavern on the Green in Central Park

What is the route and distance of the nyc marathon?

The NYC marathon route starts on Staten Island close to the on ramp of the verrazano narrows bridge. Continueing thru Brooklyn for 11 miles, having to cross the pulaski bridge next. After the bridge, you hit the halfway point in Queens, Long Island. Having to cross another bridge over the east river. 15 more miles down the road youll come to 1st ave and cross shortly through the bronx. Then south through harlem and central park finally finsihing at Colombus Circlem. In total the marathon covers close to 27 miles.

How can you register for the 2008 New York City marathon?

Click on the 'NYC Marathon Registration' link on this page to see the application and instructions for the 2007 NYC Marathon. I would assume there would be little if any change in these instructions for the 2008 race.

What are the release dates for Dean's List - 2002 CMJ Music Marathon in NYC?

Dean's List - 2002 CMJ Music Marathon in NYC was released on: USA: 20 September 2005

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