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There are many dangerous animals in the ocean,also lethal waves and currents.

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Q: Why is surfing is an extreme sport?
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What is the most dangerours sport in the world?

Actually it is Jai Alai the most dangerous sport in the worl also BASE jumping is also one. extreme surfing is the most dangerous you are surfing tsunamis

What is volcom?

Volcom is an extreme sport brand ( skating surfing biking etc.) and clothing brand.

Which is an extreme land sport sky diving wind surfing Snorkeling or adventure racing?

Adventure racing

Is surfing an Olympic sport?

No surfing is not an Olympic sport.

Is surfing considered a sport?

Yes surfing was considered a sport in the 1900's

Why has kiteboarding become so popular?

Kiteboarding or Kitesurfing combines windsurfing, wakeboarding, paragliding, surfing and gymnastics all into one sport. It is an extreme sport and had become popular among adrenalin junkies.

What actors and actresses appeared in Extreme Surfing - 1992?

The cast of Extreme Surfing - 1992 includes: Brad Vancour as himself

What sport was invented in Hawaii?


What sport was banned by European missionaries because it was considered immoral?


Is surfing an individual sport or team sport?

Hawaii designated surfing as the officail state individual sport in 1998 (outrigger canoe paddling was adopted as the official Hawaii team sport in 1986).

How can a person learn about the sport surfing?

There are many places to learn about the sport surfing. Probably the best way to do so would be to purchase a book on the sport at your local bookstore.

What water sport combines sailing and surfing?

The sport of windsurfing combines both sailing and surfing.

Is surfing a olympic sport?


Does Hawaii have a national sport?

No but it has a state sport and it's surfing.

What is Bethany Hamilton's favorite sport?

her favorite sport is surfing

Is surfing done in Australia?

Yes, surfing is a very popular sport in Australia.

How does wind surfing affect tides?

The sport of wind surfing does not affect tides.

What makes a sport an extreme sport?

it has to be out of the ordinary, an extreme sport can be anything that can put your own life at risk such as mountain biking or paintball, what makes an extreme sport is the intensity that you feel while engaging in the activity. Alpine skiing is another extreme sport.

What sport uses the term surfboard?

The sport of surfing.

What does surfing mean?

The definition for surfing is: the act or sport of riding the surf particularly on a board.

Is lava surfing a sport?


What is California's national sport?


What is hawaii's state sport?


What was the sport invented in hawaii?


Is surfing an individual sport?