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Gerrard is a very tenacious player. He is skilled in both DEFENDING and ATTACKING, which makes him an overall player. He is known to be 'Captain Fantastic', due to his remarkable goal come-backs, scoring in extra-time to win the game for Liverpool. Gerrard can also play either striker, mid or defence. (LIVERPOOL, CHAMPIONS 4 EVA) -Gerrard17 hes freaking class best player ever

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Q: Why is steven Gerrard better than any other player?
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Does Steven Gerrard moving to other soccer club?

Steven Gerrard has been at Liverpool FC his whole career, and will most likely stay there.

What other sports does steven Gerrard like playing?


Which other midfielder has scored 100 goals for there club?

Steven Gerrard for Liverpool fc

Who fancies lorna?

Steven Gerrard mostly :) but also can be ALOT of other Liverpool fottballer :L x:)

Has Steven Gerrard moved to Chelsea?

No, he has never been to any club other than Liverpool F.C.

What other England players have played in 3 world cups?

It is David beckham Gary Neville and steven gerrard.

How many Champions league goals as Steven Gerrard scored overall?

Steven has scored 32 goals in 104 UEFA appearances (which includes the other UEFA competitions).

Who is gerrards mum?

Gerrards Mum, is none other than the mother (mom-mum-mummy-mommy) of World Class Footballer and Liverpool FC standout Steven Gerrard.

Who scored a hat trick when England beat Germany 5-1 away from home in a world cup qualifier in 2001 what connected him with the other two scorers that night?

Michael Owen scored a hat trick for England in that match. The other two goal scorers in that match are Steven Gerrard and Emile Heskey. Michael Owen, Steven Gerrard and Emile Heskey played for Liverpool Football Club in 2001.

Does steven Gerrard have a Twitter account?

Steven doesn't have a twitter, Facebook, my space or any other social networking site, this was announced by L.F.C. as many have been set up in his name by fakes. The only thing there is, is a fan page on Facebook, but this still is not totally authorized.

Who is a better footballer Gerrard or Lampard?

Nobody can honestly answer this question, because the answer depends on your opinion. So instead of asking other people, you should decide who is better. And if you really want to know ask yourself. It also does not matter who is a better football player (not footballer). But if you insist then that question should be yours alone.

Who is better Gerrard or Messi?

Gerrard Vs MessiIn football (soccer) it's very hard to determine that one player is better than another. But right now Messi is considered the best player in the world, and Steven Gerrard, being the fantastic player that he is, isn't considered to be one of the top five. Gerrard is considered to be one of the best Centre-mids in the world and has been playing at a pro level longer. He is basically a 'GIANT' to the game. Gerrard is also a back-up striker and defender for Liverpool. He is a very versatile player and is very strong in all positions he plays.Messi is more of a 'rising star of the game'. Apparently Maradona himself named Messi his "successor". Messi is pretty young (21) however the lack of his experience does not decline his performance. He is only known to play on the wing, he is isn't as versitle as Gerrard however is a world-class winger.ANSWER: There is no write or wrong answer to this, its all on your personal-prefernce. Gerrard would be my pick though.The answer to this question is very controversial. Steven and Lionel both play different positions, they are rarely seen on the same football field playing each other and they both play in the hardest football leagues. Based on experience and attendance of major cup finals Steven Gerrard would be the best.The current answer above, is clearly written by a Liverpool fan,I do not suggest that Messi is better than Gerrard, but lets look at the facts; lets observe the results of the most prestigious individual prizes in football - FIFA World Best Player of the Year and Ballon d'Or.FIFA World Best Player of the Year 2007:Messi won the 2nd place with 504 points,Gerrard won the 6th place with 68 points.FIFA World Best Player of the Year 2008:Messi won the 2nd place with 678 points,Gerrard won the 6th place with 98 points.Ballon d'Or 2007:Messi won the 3rd place with 255 points,Gerrard won the 13th place with 17 points.Ballon d'Or 2008:Messi won the 3rd place with 281 points,Gerrard won the 10th place with 28 points.Now let's observe title winning (sorting the titles by importance):Major titles:Champions league: Messi: 2Gerrard: 1Local League:Messi: 3Gerrard: none.Minor titles:Summer Olympics: Messi: 1Gerrard: none.Copa del Rey / FA CupMessi: 1Gerrard: 2League CupMessi: has no parallel competition in Spain.Gerrard: 2UEFA Supercup:Messi: none.Gerrard: 2.FA Community Shield / Supercopa de España:Messi: 2Gerrard: 2In the above answer it says: "Based on experience and attendance of major cup finals Steven Gerrard would be the best."Attendance of major cup finals;Steven Gerrard attended 3 Champions League finals, Messi attended 1.Both of them won only one final they attended.Messi has another Champions Cup which he won in 2006, but he couldn't attend the final because of an injury, but played a crucial part in the way to the final.Gerrard also attended finals in English cups, and UEFA Cup, but those are negligible under the shadow of the Champions league.The attendance itself of the champions league final is the only attribute Gerrard stand taller then Messi (other than physically of course), and it's funny that this trivial attribute is the one the author of the current answer choose to decide by.

Who scored in the England 5-1 Germany victory?

Michael Owen grabbed a hat-trick, with the other goals coming from Steven Gerrard and Emile Heskey (all three players were with Liverpool at the time).

Football players with jersey number 8?

Steven Gerrard from Liverpool FC is one of the player with the number 8 on the back. That's all I knew.If you are asking about American Football, that would be none other than Archie Manning for the New Orleans Saints. 1971-1982. That number is now retired.

What was Steven Gerrard's childhood dream?

Steven Gerrard was born in Whiston, a suburb of Liverpool, England on May 30, 1980. While growing up he was a huge fan of the professional soccer club Liverpool, and dreamed of one day becoming captain of the team. He started playing soccer at a young age for the Whiston Juniors. By the age of eight, he was noticed by Liverpool scouts and joined their youth program in 1987. At the age of 14, he was scouted by other various organizations such Manchester United. However, Steven Gerrard found his home to be at Liverpool, where he pressured the owners into signing him into a youth training scheme contract. In 1997 he signed his first professional contract with Liverpool, but did not get a chance to start in a game till the 1999-2000 seasons. Currently, Steve Gerrard is fulfilling his childhood dream and captains the club team Liverpool and England's national team.

Who scored the most goals last season between Gerrard and lampard?

Lampard scored more goals than Gerrard. That is one of many reasons why he is better than Gerrard. Lampard seems to get punished were Gerrard does not, for instance, the last time Chelsea and Liverpool played. Lampard got sent off for a challenge that didnt deserve it for he got 100% of the ball and Gerrard had two tackles were he deserved a red but didnt even get a yellow. Lampard scores about 20 goals a season whereas Gerrard scores about 9-11. People may argue that Gerrard scores better goals, which admitedly is true in some cases, but lampard does score some pretty good goals himself. Maybe not as much as Gerrard but he scores a few. But that isn't it though is it? If you were a manager who would you want in your team? Gerrard who scores the odd sensational goal and scores about 10 goals a season, or Lampard, who scores some pretty good goals himself, scores twice as many goals and his other attributes are the same as gerrards?

What player has scored in the UEFA Cup final and Champions League final and FA Cup final and League Cup final?

Steven Gerrard, except he scored an own goal in the league cup final. actually he scored agaisnt man utd in a 2 : 0 victory in 2002/2003 season the other scorer was m . Owen

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Who are the 2 other premier league footballers with privacy injuctions pending?

One is Stephen Gerrard.

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