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He never was

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Q: Why is steven Gerrard a good sports leader?
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Steven Gerrard salary?

As Steven Gerrard is good and a proven goalscorer he gets a weekly salary of 125,000 pounds.

Who is better Steven Gerrard or David Villa?

Both are good players

Who are some EPL players known for good sportsmanship?

steven Gerrard

How good is steven Gerrard?

on his day, one of the best midfielders ever. certainly one of the best!!

Who is better Gerrard or Scholes?

I must say both are very, very good players, but steven Gerrard would be chosen by me as he is younger and is the captain of Liverpool and england.

What made Steven Gerrard what he is today?

Steven Gerrard is a very hard worker on the pitch , and makes the team tick he works very hard, and also gets those winning goals, some are really good goals.

Steven Gerrard better then ronaldino?

ronaldinho is miles apart from Gerrard. Gerrard is a good player but he can't carry a team on his own like what ronaldinho did. jus look at the videos of both in youtube to see for yourself.

Who is the best player steven Gerrard played with?

Steven Gerrard would probably say the best player he has played with is Fernando Torres, but he has been a Liverpool and England regular for about 10 years so he has played with some good players.

Is Luis Suarez better than Steven Gerrard?

Luis suarez bcoz Gerrard is only play best in centre but suarez have very speed and good skills and finishing...

What makes Steven Gerrard a good leader?

He cares about his teammates; if they get in a fight or argue with a ref, he immediately jumps in and stops it. He is also a playmaker, setting up his players and directing them is good ways for the club to win. He has a great personality and can influence people well.

Is steven Gerrard good at football?

year!!!!!!!!! he is the best in the whole wide world and he can get past EVERYBODY even the red devils!

Is Gerrard better than lampard at free kicks?

yes i think Steven Gerrard is better than frank Lampard at free kicks because Stevie Gerrard has way more shot power and has good free kicks and scores from very for ranges.

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