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People like to watch and participate in sports. Equipment for the sport is sold, tickets to watch the sport are sold, and many people are employed as a result of sports.

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What was Nicholas Gilman's socioeconomics class?

Middle Class

What is the main message of the documentary my country my sport?

The main message of the documentary my country, my sport would be to show your interest in your countries sport teams. May be you have a friend from that country or may be your from that country and ask what sport they/ you play.

What is the most popular sport in your country and why?

The most popular sport in the country is running

National sport in every country in the world?

SOCCER is a national sport in every country

Which country is billiards the national sport?

Billiards is not the recognised national sport for any country.

What part of speech is sport?

Sport is a noun

What is the national game of Cameroon?

A national sport is a sport or game that is considered to be an intrinsic part of the culture of a nation. As such, Cameroon has no 'official' national sport; although on every level imaginable the country is transfixed by football... soccer if you are from North America.

Is there an olympic jumprope team?

no there is not but in at least one country its a sport but not an olympic sport

Is your country too fond of sport?


What is Spain's country sport?


Is ripstick cross country a sport?


What ball sport is 'boasting' part of the game in?

The ball sport where boasting is the part of the game is in squash. Boasting can refer to an offensive or defensive move in the sport.

How does socioeconomics affect technology access?

i hope my other classmates see this and know that yall wont find it either

How does a sport become a part of the Olympics?

A sport becomes an olympic sport only if the sport is played officialy on4 or more continents

Is the song A White Sport Coat country?

it was in a country c.d., so i guess its country.

In what country is curling the national sport?

I don't really know what country it's the national sport I thought someone else would know

Witch country in Oceania calls soccer its national sport?

Vanuatu is the only country in Oceania that calls soccer it's national sport

What is Italy's main sport played in there country?

football (or soccer for the US English speakers). Pretty much the whole country is fanatic about that sport.

What Olympic sports start with C?

Cross country skiing is a Winter Olympic sport. Cross country cycling is a Summer Olympic sport.

How much do women get paid for playing a sport?

That depends on the sport, how experienced the women are, and in what country.

Ice hockey is the national sport of what country?

Ice Hockey is the national sport of Canada.

What is david archuleta favorite sport?

David Archuleta's favorite sport is cross country.

Is Cross Country a professional sport?

xcountry is technically not a professional sport but there are amateur competitions

What Olympic sport combines cross country skiing and marksmanship?

That is the sport known as "biathalon".

What are 4 parenting principles?

What are the 3 parenting approaches commonly used. What is the relationship between socioeconomics class and the choice of approach?