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Kicking games have always been around it seems. Many different countries claim to have inented it, and I believe that similar games sprang up in different areas of the world without any contact between those countries. All that aside, perhaps the biggest reason soccer is so popular is because it requires nothing but a ball and even the ball doesn't have to meet special standards as long as it suits the purpose. I have seen boys in Africa take dozens of plastic bags and tie them together making a ball of sorts and with some rocks (or anything else) as post markers, the game is on! Another reason is that a lot of people can play at once.

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It is the World's oldest professional sport and is played in more countries than any other.

It is thought that civilisations such as the Aztecs and indigenous people of South America would play their own versions of the beautiful game.

During the first World War a 1914 Christmas Day peace fire between British and German forces resulted in a massive soccer game played on 'No Man's Land' between the opposing forces.

In short, soccer unites people!

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It is not popular in the USA, as far as I know.

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soccor is the most famous because of the history that it contains it all started in the 18 hundreds

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Q: Why is soccer the worlds most popular sport?
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