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Netball is actually better then soccer because it just is

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Q: Why is soccer is better than netball?
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Why is soccer better than netball?

becoz it is

Is soccer better than netball?


Why netball is better than soccer?

netball is better than soccer because i like to you my hands and netball is better because you can not twist your ancle as easily.Netball is better than soccer because i like to you my hands better than my feet.Netball is also better because you can not twist your ankle as easily

Is netball better than soccer?

Heck to da no

What is the difference between soccer and netball?

soccer is football and netball is netball

Why is netball better than football?


Is soccer a more popular sport than netball?

yes because everibody loves soccer

What is replay in netball?


Is rugby better than netball?


Why is netball better than swimming?

Netball is not better than swimming and swimming isn't better than Netball because its up to you what you like better. So if you cant decide ask a friend or try out the sport but if you don't like it try thay other.

Why is soccer better than golf?

Because soccer is better than golf.

Why netball is better than rugby?

netball is better than rugby because you don't get hurt as badly as you do in rugby. also in rugby you can get tacked and have a broken nose and maybe crack your back, whereas in netball, the worst you can do is brake your knee or ankle

Is basketball better than netball?

Basketball is way, way better!

What is better cricket or netball?


Why Australian football league is better than soccer?

Anything is better than soccer AFL and NRL, you cant compare it to soccer.

Is netball better than tennis?

yes because technically netball gives you more exercise and it is fun this is my opinion

What is replayed ball in netball?


Is netball a harder game to learn then soccer?


what is a better sport( swimming or netball)?

Swimming, it helps a lot more for the muscles compared to netball. You are also less likely to get injured when swimming compared to netball

Why is netball mostly for girls?

That's because girls are better at it and some boys are interested in other sports than netball.

What kinds of sports do Germans do?


Witch is better soccer or football?

soccer is so much better than football, because it just is

Soccer is better than baseball?


Is Footy better than soccer?


Why is netball so cool netball is cool because women are better at it than men are?

netball isnt exactly 'cool' aha. but it may be to osme people and if it is, im sure it isnt becayse women are better at than men are, men dont usually play netball, netball is more a girl game, well its more ppular for girls to play, but no, its not cool because women are better than men at it, thats simply sexist adn just a personal opinion.