Is soccer better than netball

Updated: 9/4/2020
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Heck to da no

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Q: Is soccer better than netball
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Why is soccer is better than netball?

netball is better than soccer because i like to you my hands and netball is better because you can not twist your ancle as easily.Netball is better than soccer because i like to you my hands better than my feet.Netball is also better because you can not twist your ankle as easily

What is the difference between soccer and netball?

Netball is a women's sport while basketball is a sport for men. Well whoever answered this question is obviously sexist. I am a woman and have played both netball and basketball. They are 2 entirely different sports.

Is soccer a more popular sport than netball?

yes because everibody loves soccer

Why is netball better than football?

Cricket and football are two completely diff.sports.while footy is played by over a billion children ,cricket is only played in a handful of countries.if u ask a guy in Brazil whats cricket,hell shake his head dumbfounded .in Spain if u go to a cafe ull hear only 2 words, Real Madrid and Barcelona. Similarly in Manchester ull hear only utd and city .wheareas if ur in India which is reportedly cricket crazy,during ipl people will be talkin only cricket but during other times ull be hearing only arsenal,manchesterutd,Chelsea and athletico Madrid. Jerseys of messi,Rooney,Cristiano ronaldo,simao,and aguero will be everywhere.SO WAT CRICKET NEEDS IS DURABILITY,WHICH MEANS NOT ONLY FR 2 OR 3 MONTHS.for champions league etcetc.see the premier league and la liga.played thruout the year. Cricket is SO wc finalonce India started to bat,it became obvious dat dey wud win.however,in 1999 champions league final,when solskjaer scored,noonre expected it.when zidane headbutted marcomaterazzi noone expected. SO football is unpredictable unlike predictable cricket.but football shud learn from cricket by introducing goallline lampards clear goal against Germany disallowed. PERSONALLY AND COLLECTIVELY FOOTBALL IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE IN A DIFFERENT LEAGUE THAN CRICKET.

Is rugby better than netball?


Why Australian football league is better than soccer?

Anything is better than soccer AFL and NRL, you cant compare it to soccer.