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because the languages are different

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Q: Why is soccer called futbul in different countries?
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Does football have any other names in different countries?

Yes, It is called soccer in a lot of different countries.

What is the diff between football and soccer?

Soccer is an inside sports and only 5 players play in each team, and football is an outside sports and has 12 players in each team. So its up to you what one you like better.

What is soccer called in Spain?

Soccer in Spain, Mexico and other Spanish countries is called futbol.

Does every country play soccer the same way?

no, different countries play soccer different ways

What is soccer called in spanish countries?


What is soccer called in most European and western countries?

Most of the time, soccer is called football or futbol.

Soccer and Spanish Speaking Countries?

soccer is very important in spanish speaking countries. it is also called (futbol) in spanish speaking countries.

How is soccer spelt?

It depends on what you call it. In some countries it is called and spelt Football, but in others it is called and spelt Soccer.

Why do you love soccer?

It shows interesting things, Soccer can collect all the different people in different countries with different languages and religions together.

Is soccer futball?

Yes in different countries around the world.

Is fotbol soccer?

The correct spelling is football. And yes it is. In the UK, Australia and so on, the sport some refer to as soccer is called football.Football is called "soccer" in some countries such as the US due to them having a similar but different sport with the name.

What is soccer called in different languages?