Why is sledding dangerous?

Updated: 12/12/2022
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sledding is dangerous because it could kill someone.

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Q: Why is sledding dangerous?
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How many syllables are in the word sledding?

Sledding has two syllables.

What is the ISBN of The Sledding Hill?

The ISBN of The Sledding Hill is 0060502436.

When was The Sledding Hill created?

The Sledding Hill was created in 2005.

Where did sledding come from?

dog sledding started when the unit came

How many pages does The Sledding Hill have?

The Sledding Hill has 230 pages.

What is the word sledding in french?

sledding is 'faire de la luge' in French

Why is sledding considered exercise?

sledding is cosidered excersize. in the winter you can't run through the snow. sledding, trudging through the snow and throwing snowballs is a way to excersize.

Why do people like sledding?

people like sledding because its fun to play in the snow and ride on them

Is it sledding or sledging?

American English says sledding, whilst British English says sledging.

What time of winter is dog sledding active?

Well whenever it snows and there is a dog sledding tournament.

What is tobogganing?

Tobogganing is the pasttime of sledding down a snow covered hill more commonly called sledding

How do you say in French to go sledding?

To go sledding in French is 'aller faire de la luge'