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It is not the right form and is more difficult. Making it have a lower success rate.

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Q: Why is shooting a basketball below the waist a lower success rate?
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Is it bad to practice shooting on a lower basketball hoop?

yes it throws of you shot but the repetion of shooting in the same motion over an over again will help your shot basicly form is what you want to practice not distance or height

How can i lower the soccer ball when shooting it?


Does basketball uses upper strength and lower strength?

YES!!!!! You use your a lot of your leg muscles. You have to have good balance. Lots of upper strength for boxing out for shooting and many more things.

Why do we shoot the basketball like that?

Because it's the best way to get it up into the hoop... and if you shoot a granny shot, you're more likely to use more energy than shooting it.= And you're bringing the ball down lower than you need to. I play basketball and I know that shooting it the way we do is just.. well... it's been like that for as long as anyone can remember.=

In a lower place?

Below or in a lower place

How much money do basketball players make?

It depends on what level of basketball, and where. In the NBA, the average salary for a year is around $10 million. For college and below, they are not payed. In Europe, the pay rates are slightly lower, as well as in other parts of the world.

Why when i play basketball my lower back starts to hurt?

Basketball is a sport that exercises your lower back a lot, and normally an exercised muscle becomes sore after a while.

How do you lower or raise a basketball net?

There are usually two ways to lower a basketball net. Either there will be a lever on the back, and you would scroll that around to raise or lower, or there is a lever, and you pull it down to raise the net and push it up to lower the net.

What will lower an expatriate managers probability of success?

behavioral rigidity

Sharp shooting pain in the lower right back?

Sharp shooting pain in the lower right back could be from a couple different things. The pain could indicate kidney stones or back spasms.

How do you lower a basketball hoop?

You pull the lever then it goes down

What are some lower body exercises?

Jogging Squats and Basketball

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