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So if it hits the rim it's top spin will carry it into the hoop

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Q: Why is putting rotation on a basketball when you shoot good?
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How do you get in NCAA basketball?

You have to have good grades and you have to go to school and you have to have a good jump shoot and good score and good defence and best or can play in basketball.

Why is basketball a good spectator sport?

it takes skill and speed to dribble and shoot

What is the best way to shoot a basketball?

== == == == To be honest with you, there is no "best" way to shoot the basketball. There are ways that are better than others, but there is no best way. Everyone starts out with some sort of shot with their own special stroke. If that way works for you and you don't get blocked very easily or often, than that way is the right way to you. The good techniques of every shot contain a good arc, a follow through, and good elevation. The best way to shoot a basketball is to make an L with what ever arm you shoot with. When you are about to shoot the basketball, put the ball right at the corner or right at the front of your head. Next bend your knees and target the goul, then jump. Right when you stop in the air and you are about to come down you release the ball.

What are some ideas for a contest?

A good and fun contast is a basketball shoot out. This could could be for adults and children.

What do you need flexibility in basketball for?

Flexibility is a good thing in basketball a few reasons (i will only list a couple) :1) You need to have flexibility to shoot a proper jumpshot.2) To dribble in basketball you should be flexibleso you dont get hurt

Are there any websites that can help you learn how to shoot a basketball correctly?

Just remember this: there is no correct way to shoot a basketball. Anyway that you can shoot is correct. There are no specific websites. There are some videos that you can buy that can help you learn how to shoot better, but no specific website. I am a basketball player and I get help with my shooting touch by looking on youtube. Type in a good shooter's name or someone who shoots vaguely similar to you. Look at their shot, pause the video if you need to, and study how they shoot it. Some great examples of excellent shooters are Peja Stojakovic, J.J. Redick, Ray Allen, and Reggie Miller. Remember, it all depends on how you shoot originally. Good place to get some great tips is on YouTube just search "tips on shooting a basketball" you can only learn it by practicing it more and more.

What is the right style for shooting a basketball?

Any style is fine if you're good at it. However, one answer will not help everyone wanting to learn how to shoot a basketball. See related links.

Are the McDavid HexPad Elbow Knee Pad good for basketball?

They are good if you fall down and you land on your elbow or knee it wont hurt as much and it helped me shoot better

What are the reasons people like basketball?

Basketball, for one, is a very common game. Anyone can just jump in and help to score the ball and shoot. The game also helps with cardio and provides good exercise.

How do you shoot a basketball properly if you are playing by yourself?

you can shoot the ball properly if u rub it good, hold the ball in your left or right depending on the way u hold the ball, and using ur latter, push it hard..

Basketball is a good source of exercise?

It is a very good method of exercise. You are burning calories and working out just by running up and down the court. The sport also builds muscle strength when you shoot or dribble.

What talents are required to be a nba basketball player?

the talents are to be a good sport and to shoot well and to have VERY good ball handiling and to not hog the ball and pass once in a while and to be able to steal the ball from other players and to have good footwork

What steps should you take to become a good free throw shooter in basketball?

shoot fifty every day, work on rythm, do the same thing every time

What does a good basketball shoe have in it?

good basketball foot....

What are good exercises before basketball?

you should probley do push-ups and sit ups before basketball. you can also practice jumping high enough to score and running up to the basket like your about to shoot just so you get use to lay ups and scoring.

If someone was 6 feet 6 inches pretty good in the paint and can shoot mid-ranged shots what would be the best position for them on a basketball team?

Center or Power forward

Does using women's basketballs when you shoot affect your form?

only if you are use to a men's basketball, then the ball would seem too light, and you wouldn't have a very good follow-through

Who are the players in the basketball team?

Generally a point guard, who starts the play. Two wings, who tend to be good at dribbling and shooting, and two posts, who are bigger, and shoot close to the basket.

What is a good intro for a basketball speech?

a good intro for a basketball speech is : this is dedicated to all the people that love basketball

How do you get good at basketball?

Everyone who is good at basketball became good through one concept: practice.

Are the Sacramento Kings a good basketball team?

Yes, they are a good basketball team.

Is there a good video that will help you improve how you shoot a basketball?

Pete Maravich instructional shooting videos will help, along with any videos done by J.J. Redick. Some examples are in the related links below.

How do you shoot a basketball good in the exitment of a game?

Just think positive about it and remember how proud your coach and team mates will be but also remember that don't force the ball up to the goal too hard in all the excitement but remember you have enough energy now that you can shoot it and just don't think about it as much and just do it.

Is a basketball court a good surface for a basketball?


What did Michael Jordan do that was significant?

He was a very good basketball player. A VERY good basketball player.