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Q: Why is pool table cut off when you play pool on Miniclip?
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What is pool table slate?

This is the large main surface of a pool table. Slate is a stone, so it can be cut extremely flat and does not warp.

How do you make slate for a pool table?

You cannot make the slate for the pool table. It is cut and milled for the table, and then the table manufacturer fixes a wooden frame to the slate and fits it to the table frame. Then the holes are drilled to anchor it to the table.

What are the angles to cut on the rails of a pool table in order to install a K66 rubber cushion?


Can you go in the pool after putting pool salt in?

Yes. The salt in the pool is the same as the salt on your table. Even if there are still piles of salt on the bottom of the pool, they won't hurt you, but if you have a cut on your foot, they might make it sting.

What is the radius of holes in a pool table?

There are no holes in a pool table. The pockets are formed by the edges of the rails and the drop area is a semi-circle cut in the table surface. The radius of the semi-circle is 2 1/16 inch at the corner and 2 1/4 inches at the side.

When you play pool games only three quarters of the table is visible - the right 2 pockets are cut off which makes it hard to play?

Many games have setting that have to be adjusted for the screen size in the settings or options at the games beginning. You can look to see if that will help

How do you cut solar cover for kidney shape pool?

place in pool and cut 1" larger than pool water measurement

Where can you get slate for a billiards table?

Most pool table slate comes from Italy and is cut and milled there for pool table use. From there, it is finished at the pool table manufacturer. To purchase new slate, you need to contact a pool manufacturer and convince them to sell you the slate. Because it is not an item they intned to sell, expect it to be very costly. In addition, you will most likely be responsible for drilling the slate yourself. A better option may be to look around for a used pool table that has the slate in excellent condition. This can be found in yard and garage sales, newspaper ads, Craig's List, and eBay. This most likely will be much cheaper than buying new slate.

Is it wrong to drain your plaster pool when the temperature is above 100?

Why would you drain your pool just becasue the water is hot? Never drain your inground pool unless you have first cut holes in the bottom of the pool to keep it from floating. If the water table in your area is high enough, your inground pool could "float" out of the ground, effectively ruining your pool.

How do you make a table skirt?

you need a saw a table and sometyhing to bejnd the table with when done cutting 1. cut a donut shaped cut then cut bend it and fit it on you

If you need to cut costs drastically this winter can you drain your pool in Southern California Glendale?

Well, what you have to be mindful of is the rainy season. The water table could rise in a very short time causing your pool to float out of the ground. 12 to 17" of rain is an average there. Are you prepared financially to rebuild your pool? k

Can you cut gorilla foam pool pad to fit another size pool?

Yes, you can cut the gorilla pool pad with a pair of scissors I bought mine from this site:

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