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You get hit alot below the waist and it hurts the joints located there.

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Q: Why is playing football bad for your knees?
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Is playing football bad for your knees?

if u play a lot of it then yes. professional players take really painful injections so there knees don't hurt. The chemical in the injection is called "antisympophisical Patella"

Where is Brandon roy playing 2012 seasson?

He is not playing basketball anymore because of his very bad knees that caused retirement.

Is cycling bad for knees?

I think it is good for the knees

What are the disadvantages of basketball?

Nothing really. Bad on your knees if you play professional but it takes about 15-20 years of playing professionally.

Where is he playing football at?

He is playing football where there is football.

Does running hurt bad knees?

Yes. If you have bad knees, it may be a good idea to consult your doctor before going on a run.

Why is knee injury so common among football players?

Football players run a lot which puts a lot of pressure on their knees and ankles. They also get tackled by their knees which is also very serious. Football players may also have people fall on their knees which can cause injury.

Why do football players wear football pants that end above their knees?

For more mobility! More range of motion less constriction on the knees means more speed.

What are the negatives of playing netball?

I know of and have experienced a negative of playing netball; it is your knees! When stopping and catching the ball, you hurt your knees so be carefull about how you play.

Why is football bad?

If you are referring to the sport football, it is only bad depending on a person's opinion. However, many may believe that this is a bad sport because of the hard-hitting and person-to-person contact involved in playing this sport.

With bad knees what kind of cardio can you do?

swimming is the best

Is running bad for your heart?

It is primarily damaging to the knees.

How can i exercise with bad knees?

Try swimming as an exercise.

Is an elliptical cross trainer safe for people with bad knees?

Yes, an Elliptical cross trainer is safe for those who have bad knees. An elliptical is a low impact machine, which keeps your knees in a safe and stable position.

Why do most football linemen wear knee braces?

To protect their knees.

Why do people hate football?

lots of football players had injuries while playing football so when other people hear about their accidents the get scared to show their fearthey try to say any pathetic or bad rumors like i hate football or football is so easy no one like playing it

Is professional football haraam?

Yes, professional football is haraam because you are exposing the satr (private parts) including the knees and sometimes you are playing when it is namaaz time you are sitting idle. Also in some cases depending on your intentions you are playing to win (i.e money) also when you are playing professional football you sweat which makes you smell and you get dirty. In the hadeeth it says'Tahaarah (cleanliness) is half of Imaan.

What is correct the boys are playing football now or the boys is playing football now?

The boys are playing football now.

How much will your team earn money if they are a bad football team?

Not a lot but they should get money for playing the game.

Why was deodorant invented?

deodorant was invented for bad odors suck as playing soccer , basketball , football and teniis

What ligaments is hurt most by football players?

the ones in there knees, shoulders, and elbows.

Does beggin' on your knees by Victoria Justice have any bad words in it?


What exercise burns the most calories for bad knees?


Does tom Selleck have bad knees or flat feet?


Are Fitness flip flops safe for someone with bad knees?

Flip-flops are perfectly suitable footwear for people with bad knees, providing they are walking on suitably flat or firm ground. So called fit-flops are designed not for people with bad knees but to tone the buttocks when walking.