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Match Attax cards are cards that are collected and traded among individuals. They are football cards and individuals collect football players and form teams by trading cards.

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Q: How are Match Attax cards played with?
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Where do you use match attax i-cards?

Match attax Live on Match

Whats the difference between match attax and match attax extra?

match attax extra give you the cards they could not fit into the normal match attax and match attax extra also give you cards of players that their team bought in the January transfer window

When do match attax 2012-2013 come out?

match attax cards 2012/ 2013

When can you buy 2012 2013 match attax?

The match attax cards are usually released in september

What is the code for in match attax you cards?

wot do you use the match attaxs i-card code for.?

What year did Topps begin selling Match Attex cards?

Topp began selling Match Attax cards in 1978. They have over 1000 different players on the Match Attax cards but if you can find a rookie Darryl Strawberry they are worth a lot.

What are the best football cards to collect?

either Topps match attax or the adrenalyn champions league cards

When was Match Attax created?

Match Attax was created in 2007.

Where to get best match attax cards?

wh smith wrong it's eBay for crying out loud they sell 50 cards for £3.99 try it theres more then 22 thousand if you just type in match attax in the box.

Does match attax live cost?

Yes, it costs £3.99 (4.99 Euros) to become a member for the 2010/11 season.With the membership you can use codes from Match Attax packets to get virtual cards online to play the Match Attax game with other people.

How many signed theo wallcott Match Attex cards?

100 match attax signe theo walcott cards heve been found

Where do you type the match attax icard code but not on match attax live?

you have to have match attax live. the code gets you virtual players for your team

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