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Netball is not better than swimming and swimming isn't better than Netball because its up to you what you like better. So if you cant decide ask a friend or try out the sport but if you don't like it try thay other.

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netball isnt exactly 'cool' aha. but it may be to osme people and if it is, im sure it isnt becayse women are better at than men are, men dont usually play netball, netball is more a girl game, well its more ppular for girls to play, but no, its not cool because women are better than men at it, thats simply sexist adn just a personal opinion.

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Netball is popular among girls because it is a woman's game, and doesn't require much effort to be put in.

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Q: Why is netball so cool netball is cool because women are better at it than men are?
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