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i havnt a clue haha

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Q: Why is jewelry a hazard factor in sport?
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Why is jewelry a risk factor in sport?

because you could hurt your self suriuoly like with a necklace you could strangle them or yourself

Why could jewelry be a food and safety hazard?

Jewelry could be a food and safety hazard if it lands in the food while a person is preparing it. This could lead to a person choking or falling ill.

Why could jewelry and accessories be a food and safety hazard?

Jewelry and accessories could be a food and safety hazard because they can get lost in food during preparation. Restaurants also advise that their employees remove any jewelry prior to arriving at work.

One planning factor to be considered during a hazard analysis is?

The speed of onset for each hazard.

Why do you not wear jewelry when cooking?

You don't wear jewelry for two reasons:Pieces of jewelry can become a foreign object hazard in food.Jewelry is not always easily cleaned and sanitized and can become a source for microbiological contamination.

Why is lack of protective clothing and equipment a hazard or risk in sport?

Players can get hurt.

Is sport losing its fun factor?


Where is the hazard light switch on an Opel Frontera Sport 2.0I?

On my 93 mod. it is between the steering wheel and the dashboard

What are the release dates for Sport Science - 2007 Gear Factor 1-10?

Sport Science - 2007 Gear Factor 1-10 was released on: USA: 23 March 2008

Where can you find the jewelry that Rebecca Ferguson wore on the X factor last night?

I have seen it in kerala!

Why is it important to check your jewelry and clothing before playing a sport?

Certain types of clothing are not perimitted in sports which is why before beginning an activity oyu must check that all of the students clothing is appropriate for the activity. Also jewellery is a dangerous hazard and if anyone is wearing necklaces, chains, rings, earings etc tell them to take it off immediatly as this is a serious hazard to everyone taking part and can cause serious injury if not taken off.

Where is the fuse for hazard lights on 2002 BMW 325 sport?

behind the glove box there is a fuse for a light module. its fuse 106.

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