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Not too sure of your question. But correct or not will depend on the sentence.

The battery is charged. = correct.

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โˆ™ 2010-04-06 12:12:11
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Q: Why is it to say something is charged is not entirely correct?
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Is root for the home team grammatically correct?

Yes - in America! Don't say it in Australia, where it means something else entirely.

Is correct to say you are not for sure?

no it is not correct to say you are not for sure instead you can say in proper English that you are not sure about something

Is correct to say you are in disagree?

No. The correct way to say that you disagree with something would be "in disagreement."

Is Wikipedia correct?

In many respects Wikipedia is an extraordinary reference, but the say 'everything there is correct' is entirely too blanket.

Is it correct to say 'bored of something'?

It would be more normal to say "bored with something"

Is it grammatically correct to say the phrase to eat off of something or to eat off something?

the correct way to say it is both of them cause they both make sense...

Which statement is grammatically correct I agree with everything you say or I agree to everything you say?

Both are correct , with different meaning. The former means "I believe you are entirely correct" and the latter means " I accept the terms you lay down."

How do you say happy groundhod day in spanish?

You can say feliz groundhog dia!!! it might not be entirely correct but they'll understand what your are saying

Is it grammically correct to say a 'company that'?

Yes assuming you are about to say a company that does something.

Is it correct to say unless otherwise?

It depends what you are saying. For example, it's correct to say this: "Walk in a straight line unless otherwise directed". It is not correct to say something weird like "Well call me unless otherwise you don't want to" or something. But it can be done.

Is it correct to say is place or is placed?

You should say that something is placed.

Is it grammatically correct to say I retrospect?

no, you can say "in retrospect..." meaning you have done something and "in looking back on it..."

Is it correct to say 'incited by' something?

You might want to say that a person or an experience influenced your behavior.

How do you twist an argument to support your views?

Knowing the subject well enough to argue both sides is a good start. If you can do that, sooner or later your opponent will say something that is either wrong or not entirely correct and give you the opening you need.

Is this the correct way to say this something is always going on in your head?

yeah or "there is always something going on in your head"

How do you use 'entirely investing' and is it a correct English phrase?

no, not really, you'd more say I entirely investigated the area, not I am entirely investiging the area, it doesn't make that much sense. You would use instead, I am investigating the whole area, so no.

Is it correct English to say sb has learned sth from an early age?

It is not correct English to say "somebody has learned something from an early age" due to the use of "has".

What is the comparative and superlative of the word correct?

more correct most correct I would say that "correct" can not be compared. Something is either correct , or it is not. One can say "more nearly correct" and perhaps "most nearly correct" would make sense in some cases.

Is it correct to say your legs are painful?

Not entirely, no. It'd be better to say "there's a pain in my legs". To say "my legs are painful", is to say "my legs can hurt people", pretty much.

How do you say the word correct in Japanese?

The adjective 'correct' (as in a correct answer or the correct way to do something) is tadashii (ただしい). The verb 'to correct' is teisuru (ていする).

Do you go through puberty when your dad did?

There is no definitive answer to say this is entirely correct as everyone is different. There may be similarities to fathers and grandfathers though.

Is it correct grammar to say try and do something?

Technically it should be "try to do something," but so many people say "try and do something" that it wouldn't sound incorrect to most people.

Is it correct English to say I strongly dislike something or someone?

Yes, it is correct to say, "I strongly dislike something." Or someone.The adverb is strongly and modifies the verb dislike. Saying, "I dislike someone/something strongly," is also correct; which variation you choose depends on emphasis.

Is On today you will do math correct English?

Yes, Maths is correct but in America they would say math and that's not entirely correct. I'm from England and we say maths not math but Im in a American school (cuz' I'm not in England right now) and they say math. So there i hope i helped.MATHS!!!!!! -CorrectMATH!!!!!!!- Wrong

What is the correct form for the words were took?

The correct way to say that would be something like "the people were taken to the camp."