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becase if they have specal tools that are needed to replace the string.

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Q: Why is it necessary to have the string on a compound bow replaced at an archery shop?
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What is the part of the compound bow string called where the knock rests?

The point on the string where the arrow knock (or nock) comes into contact with the string is called the "Knock Point" or "Nock Point" Nice site for archery terms...

How much does it cost to get a compound bow restrung?

Well normally getting a string put on will cost about 110 for a great string and about 40 for a decent string but then you also have to pay labor which would cost you like 20 you can get it done at normally all archery shops but I use nontypical archery the guys name is Randy you can find him on craigslist he is amazing

What type of compound bow packages are available?

Compound bow packages usually begin at around $400. Typical packages include the compound bow itself, a quiver, arrows, an archery glove, and a bow string guard.

How much does it cost to replace the string and cables on a compound bow?

About 35 to 45 dollars depending on where you take it. I suggest you take it to a local archery shop and have it done there.

How do you restring a compound bow?

To re-string a compound bow, you must first get the bow limbs to bend. The easiest way (and the safest) is to place the bow, with the string above the bow (it will look like a smile) in what is called a "bow press". Once the bow is in the press, it is pushed down to bend the limbs ("compressed"), causing the string to go slack; the string is now removed from the cams and the new string is installed. De-compress the bow and remove it from the press.The bow press can be somewhat expensive to purchase, so it may be best to take the bow to an archery shop and have the string replaced there. Due to the amount of pressure required to bend the bow's limbs, as well as the need to keep them bent while changing the string, attempting to restring a compound bow without the proper equipment is definitely not recommended.

Cost to replace a compound bow string and cables?

Just last week I had to have the string and cabels replaced on my PSE " Beast". the estimate i got for new cabels was $60.00 Cdn, and an additional $20.00 for the new string.

What is a string notch on an archery Bow?

its the notch at the top and bottom of the bow that you attach the loops on the string to.

What must the suitors in order to win the archery contest?

string the bow

How do you determine string or cable length for your compound bow?

what is the string length of a Mathew Mission compound bow

What are the parts of an archery bow?

different parts of the archery bow and assembly They are the lower limb, arrow rest. back, string notch, nock, face, string height*, upper limb, handle (also called "riser"), string, and recurve**. *Note that string height is a measurement from the arrow rest to the nocking point **Note that "recurve" is a shape of the limbs. Modern "compound bows" have cams, cables, guides , for hunting: often noise suppressors, for target shooting also counterweights, sights of various types...

Why would a circuit not work when a wire is replaced with cotton string?

why would a circuit not work when a wire is replaced with a cotton string

A Basic Guide To Archery?

Originally used for hunting and wars, archery has been around for many centuries. With the creation of firearms, however, today's archery is mainly a sport. Archery involves the use of a bow, an arrow and a bow string. Arrows are long shafts with a fletching and nock in the back and an arrowhead in the front.

In computer terms what does the phrase 'java string replace' mean?

When referring to computer terms, the phrase "java string replace" means that a string in the line of code that Java uses, is being replaced, or needs to be replaced.

In archery the plastic tip on the end of the arrow is called what?

The plastic bit that fits on the string is called the nock

Can you be able to fix a violin string if the string is broken?

Usually broken strings are simply replaced.

You have an old High Country Bow and need to know what length string it takes?

High Country Archery website

Can you put a longer string on a compound bow?


Where can you get a bowstring?

I assume you mean the string of a traditional bow. I know that 3 Rivers archery supply sells them.Their site is That's all I know but other archery sources that sell bows should have strings for them.

What is a humdinger in science?

A humdinger is a compound machine that hums when you pull a string and dings when you let go of the string.

How easy is it to replace a broken viola string?

A broken viola string should be replaced by a professional to ensure proper tunning.

What does serving mean in archery?

Serving is the material that covers the center of the string and the loops at each end. Its purpose is to protect the string from wear and tear and is replaceable. Materials are normally a strong braided cotton or mono-fillement.

How do you wear an arm guard for archery?

Put it on the forearm of the arm you are holding the bow with. Place it nearer to the elbow than the wrist and have it face the string.

What did they use in archery in ancient Egypt?

my best answer because i rock would be that they used brooms to make the round thing and string to make the bow

How do you make a string for a single-cam compound bow with a string jig that is too short?

you dont either find a string jig tht is long enough or contact a shop

How do you play the sport of the bow and arrow?

The sport with the bow and arrow is called archery, just to let you know. First, you grab a arrow and grab the string of the bow, which is the curved rod with the string. Then put the arrow in a sideways position right attached to the string of the bow. Pull the arrow back, allowing the string to move over to your position. Then, aim carefully. Next, you release the arrow with the string. The arrow will move faster depending how far you pull the string towards you. The objective is to hit the target. There are different spots that are worth different points on the target. If you hit the middle of the target with your arrow, you will receive the maximum amount of points possible. Keep repeating this process until you are a pro at archery.:).