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Because the play is called a pass or a save and is always legal. The rule that applies most is the one that states that possession goes to the other team when a player touches the ball last prior to landing out of bounds. Moreover, it takes skill to place the ball on the opposing player with sufficient velocity and in such a way as to insure he will not be able to gather it up and cost YOU a change of possession.

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Q: Why is it legal to throw the ball off of another player when you are about to fall out of bounds in basketball?
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When in bounding the basketball is it legal to step on the out of bounds line as long as you do not break the plane?

No. No matter what, you can't step on the out of bounds line when inbounding.

In basketball what is the distance a defensive player has to give the offensive player throwing the ball in from out of bounds?

The defensive player just has to be on the inbounds part of the court. As long as they do not break the plane or touch the offensive player they are in a legal position.

Is a player out of bounds if the ball and his upper body are out of bounds before his knee hits the ground in bounds?

Rules vary from state to state but in this case it is perfectly legal. So along as the players feet are in bounds. In highschool football its normally if one foot is in bounds and the other is not out of bounds and the player has control of the ball then its a catch

When is a player legal on the basketball court?

When he checks in with the scores table.

Is it legal to shoot the ball over the backboard in a college basketball game?

Sure you can shoot the ball over the backboard but it will be out of bounds and the other team will get posession.

Is it legal for a basketball player to shoot free throws underhand?


Is it legal to make a basket by shooting from behind and over the backboard?

as log as the player's feet remain in bounds and the ball is not obstructed by the shot clock or the top of the backboard the basked is legal.

Are steroids legal in professional basketball?

no steriods are not legal in the professional basketball leage.

In basketball can you save the ball to yourself?

Actually, this is a yes and a no question. The NBA rule book specifically states that a player in control the ball while dribbling may not step out of bounds and re-enter the 'in-bounds' area of the court and quote he may not even be the first player to touch the ball end quote. However, the rule book does not convey the language for a 'loose ball'. In the event of a errant pass or loose ball a player may in fact prevent the ball from leaving the 'in-bounds' area and step out of bounds and if possible re-enter the 'in-bounds' area and be the first player to touch/gain control/pass/dribble the ball and play is continued. I have officiated the game in my college days and spoken to many retired and current officials of the game who conquer it's a judgment call to begin with and very rare but carries both an illegal violation along with a legal play provided no player has control of the ball while flirting with the out of bounds lines anywhere on the court.

Can you run out of bounds to get around someone and come back in bounds to continue play during a game of basketball?

During the course of play, as long as you reestablish legal position on the court prior to receiving the ball play continues without penalty. An inbounds play may be a different case. I believe you cannot be the first one to touch the inbounded ball if you go out of bounds to shake a defender.

What is illegal screening in basketball?

A legal screen is where the offensive player sets a screen while moving and does set his feet

What is illegal screen in basketball?

A legal screen is where the offensive player sets a screen while moving and does set his feet

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