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Q: Why is it difficult to generate electricity from waves?
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How are tidal waves used to generate electricity for the power grid?

Tidal waves are not used to generate electricity. A tidal wave is a huge wave, rather like a tsunami, that occurs very infrequently, and without warning.Tides are harnessed to produce electricity, and also waves are used, but not tidal waves.

How are waves used to generate electricity?

The waves turn a wheel which turns a pistel that creates an electrical charge

Can you generate electricity from propeller shaft?

It is possible to generate electricity from a propeller shaft as the fristion waves travell across it, it will generate a minute amount. for it to generate better the inside needs to stripped out as most of them have card board in them to deaden sound

How can energy change a radio used to generate electricity?

Radio waves when they contact metal cause the metal's electrons to move (away from the atoms they are nearest) -- electricity.

How could the island generate electricity?

the island generate electricity from sae water

Which is the least sustainable practice?

Using coal to generate electricity. (APEX)

Can an ac motor generate electricity?

An ac motor cannot generate electricity but its shaft can be coupled to that of certain devices like an alternator to in order to generate electricity.

To produce or make electricity is to?


How do we generate electricity?

We generate electricity from other forms of energy. Such as wind, sun, ect...

What are the waterfalls that generate electricity in the Philippines?

waterfalls can generate hydro-electricity by the force of the water

What fuel is used the most to generate electricity?

The coal is used mostly to generate electricity.

What do windmills generate?

They generate electricity produced by wind.