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it was originally called football everywhere but people started calling it soccer short for soccer association

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Q: Why is it called soccer?
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What is soccer called in Canada?

Soccer is called soccer in Canada as well.

What is end of a soccer called?

what is end of a soccer game called

What is soccer called in Egypt?

Soccer is called in Egypt football

Why isn't soccer called soccer ball?

It isn't called soccer ball because the soccer ball is the ball you use in soccer. See? I have actually heard people call it soccer and soccer ball.

Is soccer originally called soccer ball?

Soccer was once called Football but now they call it soccer. But some people also use the word football when referring to soccer.

What are twenty rules for soccer?

The rules of soccer is called the laws of the game

What was soccer called?

In any where outside North America soccer is called football

What is it called in soccer when you kick the soccer ball in between your feet?

it is called juggling

What was soccer called when it cames to US?

soccer! It was called fut-ball it was called football

What is a soccer venue called?

soccer pitch

When soccer first came to the US what was it called?


What is Saudi Arabian soccer called in English?


What are soccer shoes called?

soccer shoes are called cleats you can tell that they are cleats if they have spikes on the bottom.

What is the gripping sole on a soccer shoe called?

The gripping sole on a soccer shoe is called a cleat.

What is soccer shoes commonly called?

There called cleats i play travel soccer and i say soccer shoes and cleats. So i doesn't matter really.

How was soccer called soccer?

The full name for "soccer" is "Association Football," which is so called to differentiate it from other games called Football. Association Football has so many syllables that it has been shortened to "Football." Then when Americans made there own football they renamed it soccer. Americans and Americans only call it soccer

England the rich called it soccer and the poor called it futball in 1860's to futball?

It was called Kamari which translates to soccer. The rich and king's and queen's called it soccer up to 1860's. the poor or common of England called it Futball. It was called soccer origanally by the rich who mainly played the game. Then the common people started playing and they called it futball around the 1860's. That is when it was called futball. The rich called it soccer and the poor called it futball. American football started in the mid 1800's. You can read the history of soccer, futball and football in books; otherwise, check for yourself.

What are the best all around players in soccer called?

They're called the best all around players in soccer.

What is a related careers for a soccer player?

some soccer players are called professional soccer players

What is soccer called in most European and western countries?

Most of the time, soccer is called football or futbol.

What is soccer called in Costa Rica?

soccer in Costa Rica (and in most of the world) is called: futbol (or football)

What do they call soccer in Guatemala?

In Guatemala, soccer is called fútbol.

When was soccer called soccer?

Association football gained the nickname "soccer" in 1871 when the Rugby Football Union was founded. Both sports were called "football", so people called Association football "soccer" and Rugby football "rugger". Although "rugger" is rarely used anymore, the name "soccer" persists in several countries.

What is soccer called in Spain?

Soccer in Spain, Mexico and other Spanish countries is called futbol.

How is soccer spelt?

It depends on what you call it. In some countries it is called and spelt Football, but in others it is called and spelt Soccer.