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french is spoken at the modern Olympics because the person that started them was french.

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Q: Why is french spoken at the opening ceremony of the Olympics?
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Why is the olympic ceremony announcement spoken French?

French and English are the two recognized Olympic languages and it is tradition that the announcements are made in French first, and then English

Why was the announcer at the Olympics speaking french?

Because the Olympics are only broadcast in two languages - English and French. This is because English and French are the only two world languages (spoken on every continent)

What is the official language of the Olympic Games?

The official languages of the Olympic Games are English and French. Every proclamation, such as the announcements during the opening parade, are spoken in three languages: English, French, and the language of the host country. However, if the Olympics are held in an English-speaking or French-speaking country, such as the United States or France, then the proclamations are only spoken in English and French.

How many languages are spoken at the Olympics?

180 languages are spoken at the olympics

How many languages are spoken in the Olympics?

There are three official languages of the Olympics: The two permanent languages of the Olympics are English and French and the third language is the language of the host country, or Mandarin Chinese in the 2008 Olympics.

Why is french spoken at the Olympic?

The Olympic charter of the International Olympics Committee (IOC) specify that French and English are the official languages so both are used.

Why is french spoken in Cuba?

French is not spoken in Cuba.

Where in north America is french spoken?

French is spoken in Canada.

Where is french widely spoken?

French is most widely spoken in France

Where in South America is French spoken?

French is spoken in French Guiana.

Where is french not spoken continent?

French is spoken on all continents except Australia.

How much french is spoken in Madagascar?

French is only spoken by the educated population.

What is the largest province in Canada were french is spoken?

Quebec is the largest prvince in Canada where French is spoken and Montreal is the 2nd largest city after Paris where French is spoken.

Why are announcements spoken in french at the 2012 Olympics?

It seems because the IOC said so. The committee is, after all, based in Lausanne in Romandie, the French-speaking part of Switzerland. What's more, the founder of the IOC and "father" of the modern Olympics was a Frenchman, Baron Pierre de Coubertin.

Is french spoken in any areas of the South Pacific?

Yes. French is spoken in New Caledonia and French Polynesia.

What other continents is french spoken?

French is spoken on all continents, including some French speakers in Antarctica.

How long has Monaco spoken French?

Monaco has spoken French for over 700 years.

What languages are most spoken in Paris?

Only French is spoken in paris.French

Why is French spoken in Pondicherry?

French is spoken in Pondicherry as it is a French Colony it was a French colony, independent 31st October 1954

Which is spoken more around the world Spanish or French?

Answer: Spanish is spoken by more people, but French is spoken in more parts of the world.

Why is french spoken in countries?

French is spoken in France because it originated there. It is also spoken in countries that were once colonies of France, such as Haiti.

What languages are spoken in Lyon France?

FRENCHfrench is spoken prodimently, if you cant find the anser just look up what languages are spoken in the whole region.Lyon is in France and the language spoken there is French.

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What are three continents where french is spoken?

French is spoken on all continents, including some French speakers in Australia and Antarctica.

Where in Madagascar is French spoken?

snuffilbeIn Madagascar, French is spoken among the educated population.