Why is football more popular in the US?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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No in the U.s.A Basketball, Baseball , N.h.L and N.F.L are more popular then football.

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Q: Why is football more popular in the US?
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Which sport is more popular baseball or football in th us?

It seems that football is getting more popular over the years

Why are Mexican soccer teams popular in the US?

Because football was more popular in mexico before it was in the US and they brought it over to the US.

Is Nascar the most popular sport in the US?

Is nascar more popular than football? no i say.

What sports do US play?

everyone of them, although some sports like baseball, basketball, football, and soccer/football, are more popular

Which is more popular cricket or football?


Why is football more popular than fishing in the you?

i think that possibly football is more popular than fishing

What is the most popular spectartor sport in the US?

The NFL and College Football are really popular sports watched in the USA. Football is the most popular spectator sport in the US.

What is the popular name of football in the US?

In the USA you have American football and soccer.

What is the Percent of soccer fans vs football fans?

Worldwide, there are literally billions more people who play and watch football than those who watch American football. The US is the only country where American football is more popular than football.

What is the most popular sport the US?


What is England national game?

Football is probably more popular. (That's soccer, not American Football!)

What sport is more popular in America soccer or football?