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To see how well certain athletes can preform. depends on if you mean in school or on a sports team.

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Q: Why is fitness testing carried out?
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Why is fitness testing used in fitness gyms?

To monitor your fitness workout progress, .every specific exercise is used for specific purpose and regular progress feedback is necessary so fitness testing is taking in use at every fitness center.

What is the sequence of testing for a complete physical fitness test?

body compition,aerobic fitness,musclar fitness, fixisibility

How fitness testing and test result affect your overall fitness?

They do not affect it at all. They give an indication of your level of fitness.

Physical fitness and sports talent testing in the Philippines?

what is the physical fitness and sports talent testinng in the Philippines

Why do you conduct pre and post fitness testing?

To see improvements.

What are the different testing battery of pfstt?

physical education and physical fitness

Why testing cosmetics on animals should be carried out?

Testing of cosmetics should not be carried out on animals. This is a violation of the rights of the animals as they may not react well to the chemical components in the cosmetics.

What are the different methods in testing the health related physical fitness components?


What is ad-hoc or unstructured testing?

Testing carried out using no recognised test case design technique. It is also known as Exploratory Testing

Is genetics a problem for physical fitness testing?

Genetics has nothing to do with it. Genetics mostly affect your body's capability to burn calories more efficiently. Genetics are not a proper excuse to someone's poor performance in physical fitness testing.

Why is fitness testing important when you are young?

Helps adapt healthy habits from ayoung age

Who are the primary participants of alpha testing?

Alpha Testing is definitely performed and carried out at the developing organizations location with the involvement of developers.

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